12 Jan 2009Road less travelled

Australia has a chance to move from under America's shadow and use its regional power to help foster a Middle East settlement

06 Jan 2009The Nationals should leave the Coalition

Ian Tulloch of politics discusses the future of the Coalition party

15 Dec 2008Crash-course in teaching a band-aid fix?

Quality teachers needed - will a six week crash course help?

02 Dec 2008Ban Comic Sans

Dr Christopher Scanlon, Journalism, talks about the font comic sans

27 Nov 2008Don't be too quick to over-regulate

Calls to reregulate in the wake of the financial crisis are premature

25 Nov 2008Who should control green reporting?

A government paper makes important points about sustainability reports

17 Nov 2008Why prayers in parliament should stop

When Parliament prays to God, it is the state itself at prayer. This is wrong.

13 Nov 2008Regulating Information under the Privacy Act

Genomic research: hope of medical advances despite risks

28 Oct 2008A cycle of bribery

The financial crisis should force fundamental changes to the way in which financial institutions charge for their services and remunerate their staff.

14 Oct 2008Time to call an end to the University spin wars?

University 'spin' is redirecting scarce resources away from where they are needed most

13 Oct 2008The Market Delusion

The unfolding debt crisis and the US government's bail out of Wall Street has shattered some of the deepest delusions about the market

07 Oct 2008We Need a 21st Century Framework for Regulating Assisted Reproduction in Victoria

Victoria's Parliament is debating the need for change in the State's laws regarding assisted reproduction

06 Oct 2008Global hunt for Mersenne prime numbers: 100 grand for running a special screensaver?

Global hunt for Mersenne prime numbers: 100 grand for running a special screensaver?

24 Sep 2008Poisoned milk or mother's milk?

The use of formula for babies presents avoidable dangers

17 Sep 2008US Election 2008: Knife-edge race now favours McCain

Dr Timothy Minchin of the History Program talks about the idea of racial identity in America, and how that could affect the outcome of the U.S. election between Barack Obama and John McCain

06 Sep 2008Conscience Votes and the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill

Politicians should tell constituents if their religious views hold sway over their conscience, particularly when the issue is as contentious as abortion

25 Aug 2008The Threat of the Classroom

Academics shouldn't feel threatened by the classroom - Teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, one that academics should embrace with the same energy as they do with conducting research

25 Aug 2008Taming hatred in our midst

The troubled relations between radical Islam and the West triggered on September 11, 2001, show little sign of settling. In the past seven years challenges and questions have arisen on many fronts. I want to reflect here on some of them

21 Aug 2008The Olympic spirit? It's a simple, shared global experience

Australia has a particular relationship to the Olympics. One of only four countries to have competed in all Games since their inception in 1896, we and the United States are the only countries to have hosted the Games twice since World War II

21 Aug 2008Beware the rise of Russia's new imperialism

To deny that Russian imperialism is shaping the events unfolding in the Caucasus is to ignore the public pronouncements of Russian leaders and the climate of nationalist hysteria that permeates the Russian media

19 Aug 2008Beyond David and Goliath

When push came to shove, Georgia never stood a chance of defending these parts of its territory (South Ossetia and Abkhazia) against the military might of its northern neighbour, Russia

11 Aug 2008Why a carbon tax should be Australia's answer to climate change

A carbon tax, not an emissions trading scheme, would be a more efficient and more effective challenge to the problem of climate change

07 Aug 2008Alexander Solzhenitsyn is the man who put the writing on the wall for Leninist totalitarianism

The death of philosopher and writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn marks the passing of one of Russia's major cultural figures

06 Aug 2008Threat of Nuclear Armageddon still a reality

The threat of nuclear Armageddon did not die at the end of the Cold War and without renewed efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons the threat remains

01 Aug 2008Olympic dream in sight? Not for this athlete

For a few thousand athletes, the Olympic dream is about to begin. For thousands of disabled athletes like Oscar Pistorius it is already over

28 Jul 2008Film it, and will they come?

Film and TV series locations are seen as magnets for tourism, but its not that simple

23 Jul 2008The Earth Banished from the Universe

Dr. Murray Parkinson of the Space Physics Group discusses the effects of space weather on Earth, and Australia's need to join the space race

22 Jul 2008The China factor in Australia's quest for Olympic gold

Chinese trainers and their specialised training techniques also feature in Australian elite athlete training. Chinese crobatic training, skills and acts were introduced to Australian new circus by visiting Chinese trainers in 1983

21 Jul 2008Barack Obama and the power of race in American history

Until very recently, few Americans, white or black, could have believed that an African American would have a realistic opportunity of being the leader of the world's most powerful country

18 Jul 2008The Umpire Strikes Back

The AIRC is set to be replaced by Fair Work Australia, but the Commissions final acts may be its most significant

17 Jul 2008Matching Rudd's Asian ambition with reality

Strengthening Asia's institutional infrastructure is a daunting challenge

16 Jul 2008The food crisis: an African perspective

The food crisis is a terrible disaster facing many people around the world and the widespread shortages of basic food staples is leading to rapidly escalating prices

10 Jul 2008What Kevin Rudd should tell the Pope

There are many vital issues Kevin Rudd should raise with the Pope, chances are they won't be said

04 Jul 2008FuelWatch evidence runs on empty

The danger with ideas such as FuelWatch that go badly wrong is that they corrupt the whole fabric of evidence-based decision-making and erode public trust in governments

02 Jul 2008Why Australia needs a less powerful Senate

What Australia needs is a less powerful Senate, a Senate which cannot block supply and cannot unduly hold up the legislation of the government of the day. Long ago the British House of Lords lost its power to defeat legislation amd Australia should follow suit

01 Jul 2008The challenge of keeping athletes fit for Olympic Glory

Athletes and their coaches are always treading a fine line between pushing the envelope to improve performance and win medals but without breaking down and getting injured

24 Jun 2008Zimbabwe's Crisis is Africa's Challenge

Robert Mugabe's despotic rule is plunging Zimbabwe deeper into crisis and finding a solution is Africa's challenge

06 Jun 2008CSR as an integral part of business: Why the Westpac approach is working

Westpac is an excellent example of a corporation that takes CPR seriously, and Suzanne Young describes some of the company's interesting approaches

04 Jun 2008PM's driven work-ethic a health-risk

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made his driven-work ethic a central part of his Government, the risks in this approach however, for him and his staff are very real

03 Jun 2008Tinkering with the petrol price ignores the real issue

A long-term approach is crucial to solve the energy crisis

30 May 2008Australia's Future in the Region and the World

Australia's future success depends on the Asia-Pacific region

23 May 2008Digging up Ned - all over again

Like Robin Hood, Butch Cassidy, Jessie James and Bonnie and Clyde, Australia's Ned Kelly is right up there in the pantheon of outlaw heroes. Much remains to be mapped of Ned. Whether you see Kelly as an honourable outlaw or unholy brigand, you can engage with this man in ways you won't, can't and don't with explorers, appointed governors, pioneer squatters or colonial statesmen

21 May 2008Dear Ms Gillard

Morag Fraser takes Julia Gillard on a virtual tour into the world of education

17 Apr 2008Talk on Australia 2020

2020 summit ideas must be inclusive to work

15 Apr 2008Community Legal Centres lead on law reform

La Trobe University research into law reform activities of Community Legal Centres in Victoria (Australia) which have led to improved outcomes for clients

11 Apr 2008Talkin' about a revolution...

Rudd's 'Education Revolution' needs deep thought and deep pockets

02 Apr 2008Carey a product of sick culture

Sick culture at fault for errant footy stars

28 Mar 2008Unbalanced work on work-life balance

Australian work fewer hours in full-time jobs today than they did 20 years ago

18 Mar 2008Ports in Deep Water

Channel deepening benefits global shipping companies but means higher costs for government

14 Mar 2008Education Unis between a rock and a hard choice

Australian universities face an era of challenge and opportunity

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