The Big Draw comes to the Border

The Big Draw comes to the Border

08 Sep 2008

To promote the benefits of drawing, Drawing Australia is co-ordinating the BIG DRAW 2008 from the 1st September - 14th October and, during this time, encourages everyone to participate by organising special drawing events in their communities.

As part of this national initiative by Drawing Australia, the Graduate Diploma in Education  (P-12) students at the Albury – Wodonga campus of La Trobe University will participate in a  drawing event on Tuesday the 9th September between 12 – 2 pm. The students will be working  to produce very large pavement drawings at La Trobe's campus in Wodonga that explore  concepts of belonging using children's story books as a source of inspiration. 

"Drawing is a way of seeing and making meaning. In a world now dominated by visual  concepts and communication, drawing can provide a dynamic language enabling  everyone to participate in this visual culture. Drawing Australia explores ways in which  people of all ages, cultures and abilities use drawing."  (Drawing Australia

'This activity is a great way to link the ideas of literacy with the arts and also involve  communities in learning. La Trobe students will also be working with students from Wodonga  South Primary School who will visit on the day,' stated Chris Bottrell, convenor of the P-12  program.

For further information, please contact either:

Mark Selkrig, lecturer
Phone: 02 6024 9691
Chris Bottrell, lecturer
Phone: 02 6024 9866

To arrange an interview or for further information, please contact:

Reinhard Beissbarth
La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga
Phone: 02 6024 9874




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