Scholarship to Israel

Scholarship to Israel

16 Sep 2008

Paula Bruce, coordinator of La Trobe University’s Bachelor of
Social Work course in Mildura, has won a scholarship to Israel’s
Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust Studies.

The award – the Pauline Glass Yad Vashem Scholarship – takes Ms Bruce to  Jerusalem for three weeks next January, for an intensive program of studies, field  excursions and teaching workshops. 

Yad Vashem conducts this annual seminar on the Holocaust for English-speaking  educators, enabling them access to a wide range of materials from its archives and  resource centre. 

Ms Bruce says the underlying principle of the program she intends to pursue is that  ‘really caring for your fellow human beings takes courage, which is very relevant to  social work as a profession – and therefore to our curriculum.’ 

‘Communal tolerance comes from better understanding other cultures and  backgrounds. Standing up against racism and persecution takes courage but it can  improve world harmony and peace. Individuals can act against apathy and make a  difference, and these are some of the issues I will explore.’ 

Her scholarship includes an economy return airfare to Israel, tuition fees, shared  accommodation and a modest allowance for food and expenses. 

Fifty-eight students are enrolled in La Trobe University’s four-year social work  program at Mildura. The program received a further boost recently with the award of  a scholarship to one of its first-year students from the Vice-Chancellor's $60,000  Regional Scholarship Scheme for Mildura Campus students.

Contact: Ms Paula Bruce, School of Social Work and Social Policy,  Telephone: 5051 4012 or Email:




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