Expert on primary to secondary school transition visits La Trobe

Expert on primary to secondary school transition visits La Trobe

21 Jan 2008

With thousands of students about to move from primary to secondary school, what do we really know about the long-term consequences of this transition process?

One person with answers is leading British educationist Professor Maurice Galton from the University of Cambridge. His research, going back to 1975, specialises in longitudinal studies of the impact of the move from primary to secondary school.

Author of several books on this subject, Professor Galton has just arrived in Australia as Visiting Scholar in La Trobe University’s Faculty of Education.

Research Director (Education), Professor Margaret Robertson – who is hosting Professor Galton’s visit for a series of Summer School research programs – said these include Moving from the Primary Classroom (1983), Transfer from the Primary School: 20 Years On (2002), and Learning and Teaching in the Primary School (2007).

Professor Galton has also carried out joint studies on the working lives of teachers, to be published by Sage, titled, Teachers under Pressure: The impact of the workforce remodelling agreement.

He was recently involved in the UK’s £34 million Teaching and Learning Research Programme and, with colleagues at Cambridge (from 1999 to 2003), he researched school transition for the British government.

Professor Galton has been consultant to the Council of Europe on primary education (1982-89) and served on UK government sponsored bodies including the National Curriculum Council.  He is currently overseas consultant to the Hong Kong Education and Manpower Board for a four-year investigation into the effects of reducing class size.

He is also engaged on a study of the pedagogy of artists who work in schools as part of the Creative Partnership Initiative funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

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