Education students' innovative design solutions

Education students' innovative design solutions

14 Apr 2008

Passers-by will see a range of strange, innovative and potentially scary objects appear on the grounds of the Albury-Wodonga campus of La Trobe University this week.

On Thursday 17th April, students who are undertaking the pre service teacher educationcourse, the Graduate Diploma in Education (P-12), (GDE P-12) will be involved in anactivity of scarecrow designing and making, with at least 12 scarecrows to be constructedduring the morning.

One particular aspect of this task is for the students to consider how the interdisciplinarylearning area of design, creativity and technology education might be incorporated intotheir teaching.

The 65 students undertaking the GDE P-12 were asked to consider the following:

"Food is a vital component for human existence. In our current world, there arenumerous debates in relation to how food is produced, stored and made availableto people. As a basic project we are going to examine a way of how we asindividuals can have some involvement in protecting our own food sources in anenvironmentally sustainable way."

The P-12 students were then given a brief to design and construct a scarecrow withincertain parameters. The students have been working in small groups over the last fewweeks to think about the design brief, develop a design and plan for the construction oftheir scarecrows.

In developing this activity for the P-12 students, the academic staff had had the followinglearning aims in mind, anticipating that our pre service teachers:

  • Can consider 'Big Issues' or 'Rich Concepts' such as environmental sustainabilityand how they may be able to link these to the teaching aspects of design,creativity and technology education;
  • Experience a 'hands on' and 'authentic task 'by working through the complete(whole) design cycle;
  • Build the students' confidence in problem-solving and thinking;
  • By working in teams to complete the project, that the students will interrogate thecomplexity that this can entail, and
  • That we can bring learning experiences beyond the walls of the classroom andthat learning might also involve some fun.
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