12 Nov 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013The Dean Series: Science, Technology and Engineering [MP3]

09 Aug 2010Transcript

28 May 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013Why we Fail at Mental Health [MP3]

07 May 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013Food Security [MP3]

06 Feb 2013How Sports are Funded [MP3]

23 Dec 2010Transcript

23 Dec 2010How animals find home [MP3]

21 Dec 2010Transcript

21 Dec 2010The War in Iraq [MP3]

21 Dec 2010Islamic banking provides a solution

20 Dec 2010Fire research questions Royal Commission

20 Dec 2010Transcript

20 Dec 2010A cure for cancer within reach [MP3]

20 Dec 2010Hark, the Herald Grannies and Grandpas sing...

16 Dec 2010Transcript

16 Dec 2010River System Research [MP3]

17 Dec 2010New course to teach teachers to inspire

13 Dec 2010Exploring the tough questions

08 Dec 2010Transcript

08 Dec 2010Obama's Midterm Report Card [MP3]

08 Dec 2010Multicultural education in China

09 Dec 2010La Trobe University on iTunesU

10 Dec 2010Islamic Finance e-course

07 Dec 2010Transcript

07 Dec 2010X-Ray Science [MP3]

06 Dec 2010Transcript

06 Dec 2010North Korea's nuclear weapons [MP3]

24 Nov 2010Does Social Democracy have a future?

02 Dec 2010Autism Specific Early Learning Centre officially opens

01 Dec 2010Transcript

01 Dec 2010Historical obligations [MP3]

30 Nov 2010Obstacles to ethnic harmony

21 Dec 2010Aged Care Symposium looks to future

25 Nov 2010Poly is the new gay

26 Nov 2010Fire, flood and storms and insurance

26 Nov 2010Irish problems highlight euro faults

25 Nov 2010North Korea's bold provocation

24 Nov 2010Transcript

24 Nov 2010The DVCs: John Rosenberg [MP3]

19 Nov 2010Transcript

19 Nov 2010Asylum seekers and Australia [MP3]

24 Nov 2010Hard road for some religious gay teens

18 Nov 2010Sports precinct announcement welcomed

16 Nov 2010Transcript

16 Nov 2010The DVCs: Tim Brown [MP3]

16 Nov 2010Students to gain from new partnership

12 Nov 2010Researching walking and foot problems [MP3]

11 Nov 2010Vision brightens, unites and inspires

10 Nov 2010Asylum seeker policy... a moral dilemma

10 Nov 2010Transcript

10 Nov 2010Developing the video games of the future [MP3]

10 Nov 2010Malaysia must get its act together

09 Nov 2010Transcript

10 Nov 2010The contemporary philosophy divide [MP3]

09 Nov 2010Researcher wins CEDA prize

05 Nov 2010Innovation in training honoured

03 Nov 2010Money mismanaged in mental health system

03 Nov 2010Crown Prince of Perlis honoured

03 Nov 2010Public lecture by Nobel Prize winner

02 Nov 2010Are we protecting women during war?

04 Nov 2010Bendigo student accommodation contract

01 Nov 2010The Murray-Darling water debate

29 Oct 2010Transcript

29 Oct 2010The future of Islamic Finance in Australia [MP3]

29 Oct 2010West fears sharia, but profit from laws

28 Oct 2010You really like us! La Trobe makes friends with over 10,000 fans!

27 Oct 2010Democratic crisis threatens Europe

27 Oct 2010French protest on political problems

25 Oct 2010Students' success celebrated

28 Oct 2010Shiftwork damages paramedics' health

22 Oct 2010Transcript

22 Oct 2010First preference increases for La Trobe

22 Oct 2010The economics of climate change [MP3]

20 Oct 2010Transcript

20 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Health Sciences [MP3]

18 Oct 2010Master of Teaching students flex muscles

18 Oct 2010Public lecture demystifies broadband

18 Oct 2010Running our public health system

15 Oct 2010The future of MDGs

15 Oct 2010Transcript

15 Oct 2010Developing technology of the future [MP3]

15 Oct 2010How effective is the Commonwealth

01 Oct 2010Ideas and Society Program

12 Oct 2010Transcript

12 Oct 2010Van Gogh the collector [MP3]

11 Oct 2010Unified Germany faces division

11 Oct 2010Where's the olympic spirit?

11 Oct 2010Public sector psychiatric health care

18 Oct 2010CFA Global Investment Research Challenge

12 Oct 2010Bursary opens up opportunity

08 Oct 2010Our kids - the ‘free-range’ debate

08 Oct 2010The lies of climate change denial [MP3]

08 Oct 2010Transcript

14 Oct 2010Teen sex behaviour uncovered by La Trobe University researchers

07 Oct 2010Student publication wins national award

05 Oct 2010Transcript

05 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Education [MP3]

01 Oct 2010Transcript

01 Oct 2010People need to feel at home in Australia

30 Sep 2010French case threatens project Europe

29 Sep 2010Transcript

29 Sep 2010The psychological impact of AFL injury [MP3]

29 Sep 2010'Dialogue for Action' launch

28 Sep 2010He’s a young ‘Tall Poppy’ in science

28 Sep 2010Mid-sized cities on agenda

24 Sep 2010Transcript

24 Sep 2010Aboriginal Australian history [MP3]

24 Sep 2010Votes to win in the politics of fear

23 Sep 2010Rural health school to expand

23 Sep 2010Housing affordability in country towns

23 Sep 2010 The role of the regional university

23 Sep 2010Dr Rodney Blackhirst on Scientology

21 Sep 2010Transcript

21 Sep 2010Islamic banking in Australian banks [MP3]

21 Sep 2010Garnaut presents Sir John Quick Lecture

10 Sep 2010Crayfish and yabbies [MP3]

10 Sep 2010Transcript

15 Sep 2010La Trobe Council meets in Mildura

10 Sep 2010Indigenous graduates excavate the past

09 Sep 2010La Trobe gets a pulse check

07 Sep 2010The Dean Series: Humanities and Social Sciences [MP3]

07 Sep 2010Transcript

03 Sep 2010Transcript

03 Sep 2010A Talk with Richard Woolcott [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Transcript

31 Aug 2010The Dean Series: Law and Management [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Early intervention is child’s play

30 Aug 2010What does the US leave behind in Iraq?

30 Aug 2010Top prize for malaria researcher

30 Aug 2010Alfred Clinical School officially opens

27 Aug 2010Transcript

27 Aug 2010Water management in Australia [MP3]

26 Aug 2010Hangin' with the Governor-General

25 Aug 2010How to measure learning

25 Aug 2010Climate change deniers challenged

26 Aug 2010Country towns, sustainable or not?

24 Aug 2010La Trobe open day

24 Aug 2010The spoils of an election

23 Aug 2010Transcript

23 Aug 2010Ancient Egyptian bling [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Suffering from Achilles tendinitis?

20 Aug 2010Time travel made easy

19 Aug 2010Get Up! exposes human rights' gap

18 Aug 2010New direction for La Trobe: Vision 2015

20 Aug 2010‘Sleek Geeks’ Eureka Prize

17 Aug 2010University endorses UN Global Compact

17 Aug 2010Help wanted: crayfish research project

21 Jul 2010Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria

17 Aug 2010Towards the ‘hi-fi’ bionic ear

13 Aug 2010Transcript

13 Aug 2010The function of fungi [MP3]

11 Aug 2010Pharmacy wins again

09 Aug 2010Oceanic Archaeology [MP3]

06 Aug 2010Australian election 2010 special [MP3]

06 Aug 2010La Trobe appoints Australian first

06 Aug 2010Hexima opens glasshouse at La Trobe

04 Aug 2010AFL and the pokies

04 Aug 2010Bob Brown, 11 Aug 12 noon at Union Hall

03 Aug 2010Election spin is all Greek to me

03 Aug 2010Transcript

12 Aug 2010How to keep your bones strong

02 Aug 2010Outstanding students recognised

12 Aug 2010Professor acknowledged

12 Aug 2010Staff, students mourn loss of lecturer

04 Aug 2010$5.2m science laboratories open

30 Jul 2010‘Sleek Geeks’ Eureka Prize

30 Jul 2010Transcript

30 Jul 2010Raunch culture and sexual violence [MP3]

30 Jul 2010Rural health school moves ahead

29 Jul 2010Leigh Drake to head Law & Management

29 Jul 2010Water in the election

28 Jul 2010Transcript

28 Jul 2010The Penalty of Football [MP3]

12 Aug 2010Appointment courts indigenous students

21 Jul 2010Andrew Demetriou on football and life

22 Jul 2010Transcript

22 Jul 2010Treating Malaria on the molecular level [MP3]

16 Jul 2010The importance of social inclusion

21 Jul 2010Changes to union elections rules

21 Jul 2010 Asian migration on increase

23 Jul 2010Top post for Marilyn Lake

20 Jul 2010Are we ready for the third dimension?

19 Jul 2010Patients see less of their GPs

26 Jul 2010Advice for veterans and their families

16 Jul 2010The Importance of Social Inclusion [MP3]

20 Jul 2010Emergency contraception confuses women

14 Jul 2010Celebrity sex-scandal hits Indonesia

13 Jul 2010Transcript

13 Jul 2010Linguistic typology [MP3]

26 Jul 2010New research looks at same sex family

12 Jul 2010Mildura mum's educational journey

13 Jul 2010Sad passing of La Trobe statesman

09 Jul 2010Are we really scared of boat people?

09 Jul 2010Transcript

09 Jul 2010The War on Fish [MP3]

13 Jul 2010Students help to draw a better future

12 Jul 2010Mildura student honours late Grandfather

08 Jul 2010Time to debate the virtual library

07 Jul 2010Neighbours must be the PM's focus

07 Jul 2010Time for uniform laws on women's health

07 Jul 2010Infants struggle in shared care: Report

05 Jul 2010The Curse of the Vuvuzelas

05 Jul 2010Hub of turmoil thrives in Asia

02 Jul 2010How’s your relationship?

02 Jul 2010Top award boosts leadership in EU studies

01 Jul 2010Transcript

01 Jul 2010Is the European Union on the brink? [MP3]

02 Jul 2010When aged care becomes the only option

25 Jun 2010Transcript

25 Jun 2010How Islamic banking works [MP3]

24 Jun 2010The End of Kevin Ten

28 Jun 2010The demise of Kevin Rudd

23 Jun 2010Studying Aboriginal Victoria

23 Jun 2010Call to reform road taxes and charges

22 Jun 2010When human rights are expendable

22 Jun 2010 Students assists local wildlife park

22 Jun 2010Heel pain trial for sufferers

21 Jun 2010Transcript

21 Jun 2010The importance of breastfeeding [MP3]

21 Jun 2010Breastfeeding women scared of medicines?

16 Jun 2010Regional state funding announcement

15 Jun 2010ATO approach invites treaty 'shopping'

15 Jun 2010EU marching blindly into great unknown

15 Jun 2010Career website to help local students

10 Jun 2010Transcript

10 Jun 2010The Short-Tailed Shearwater [MP3]

10 Jun 2010Students 'sublime' photography exhibition

08 Jun 2010Bridging Program fosters return to study

04 Jun 2010Transcript

04 Jun 2010The future of corporate social responsibility [MP3]

04 Jun 2010The benefits of sex for the elderly

02 Jun 2010Islamic banking grows

01 Jun 2010Public transport in our region

01 Jun 2010Students deliver winning ideas for Loddon Shire tourism

31 May 2010Greek crisis may sound Europe death knell

28 May 2010Prosthetic Problems for Haiti [MP3]

01 Jun 2010Distinguished Bendigonians recognised

27 May 2010Half a million listeners and counting

01 Jun 2010Students gear up for Uni Games

01 Jun 2010Bendigo popular destination for Chinese delegation

25 May 2010Islamic finance in Australia

24 May 2010Ideas and Society Program

21 May 2010Transcript

01 Jun 201015 minutes to fitness

18 May 2010Transcript

18 May 2010Making the Market [MP3]

18 May 2010The Gods have become movies

17 May 2010Unlocking the secrets of ancient Eygpt

17 May 2010Why NAPLAN fails the Torchwood test

14 May 2010The Evolution of Language [MP3]

14 May 2010Transcript

14 May 2010The Global AIDS Crisis [MP3]

13 May 2010Operating surplus for 2009 signals growth

12 May 2010Why the budget matters

07 May 2010The Syrian Way [MP3]

07 May 2010Sustainability & La Trobe - Master Class public lecture series

06 May 2010The hypocrisy of media

06 May 2010New solution to soccer shoot-out tragedy

06 May 2010Spanish honour for bionic ear pioneer

06 May 2010Award for cancer studies

07 May 2010Bendigo welcomes newest graduates

04 May 2010Politicians could just tell the truth

04 May 2010Coping with the end of life

30 Apr 2010Transcript

30 Apr 2010Melbourne Archaeology [MP3]

29 Apr 2010Of Pride and Prejudice

29 Apr 2010Australia’s first Zero Emission House

23 Apr 2010Transcript

23 Apr 2010Hitler, Genocide and Evolution [MP3]

23 Apr 2010Future tense in tomorrow's car?

23 Apr 2010Transcript

23 Apr 2010Asia-Pacific MDGs [MP3]

28 Apr 2010Mildura to host photography workshop

22 Apr 2010ANZAC legacies examined

28 Apr 2010Golden Keys for successful Mildura students

21 Apr 2010What's wrong with ANZAC?

20 Apr 2010New Muslim prayer room opens

16 Apr 2010Transcript

16 Apr 2010Australian nationalism: is it a problem?

14 Apr 2010Cold War shadow over Kyrgyzstan

13 Apr 2010Melbourne Heart at La Trobe

09 Apr 2010The meaning of Twitter

09 Apr 2010Radio telescope receiver

08 Apr 2010The challenge for global government

09 Apr 2010New anatomy lab in Bendigo

07 Apr 2010Heart announces partnership

08 Apr 2010Fair go for all – but not at any price

08 Apr 2010Spotlight on international finance

01 Apr 2010Is there hope after Copenhagen?

30 Mar 2010Transcript

30 Mar 2010The Evolution of Sex [MP3]

30 Mar 2010Healthcare not just a commodity

26 Mar 2010Transcript

26 Mar 2010The Maori's Peaceful Resistance [MP3]

26 Mar 2010Shepparton campus keeps regional promise

07 Apr 2010Online Employer Portal

25 Mar 2010La Trobe reports to community

24 Mar 2010Spotlight on media and terrorism nexus

22 Mar 2010Academic wins award

19 Mar 2010Transcript

19 Mar 2010Designing the Millennium Development Goals [MP3]

18 Mar 2010Passover: another perspective

16 Mar 2010Transcript

16 Mar 2010Not next year in Jerusalem

15 Mar 2010Citizen journalists to tweet election campaign

15 Mar 2010Celebrating exchange with India

15 Mar 2010International student fares are not fair

07 Apr 20103D exhibition energise young artists

12 Mar 2010Transcript

11 Mar 2010Penny wise and pound foolish

10 Mar 2010Helping war veterans recover

10 Mar 2010La Trobe becomes Fair Trade

07 Apr 2010Victorian workplace health probed

09 Mar 2010Glass and distinction

05 Mar 2010Transcript

05 Mar 2010The Future Teaching Shortage [MP3]

07 Apr 2010David Burrows exhibition

26 Feb 2010Transcript

26 Feb 2010Obama's Challenges [MP3]

24 Feb 2010How the rich get well - and enjoy subsidies

07 Apr 20102010 Dean's Lecture on 10 March

07 Apr 2010Bendigo Stadium agreement

22 Feb 2010Wildlife Sanctuary installs state of the art litter traps

19 Feb 2010Transcript

19 Feb 2010Can Humanity Save the World? [MP3]

18 Feb 2010Fair Work Act?

23 Feb 2010Students on hand to help

17 Feb 2010Health care reform should top the agenda

17 Feb 2010Bendigo festival welcomes international students

16 Feb 2010Children are a public good

16 Feb 2010Kevin Brown receives Chancellor's Medal

16 Feb 2010iPod touch for Shepparton education students

15 Feb 2010 La Trobe wins social media silver

15 Feb 2010Transcript

15 Feb 2010Reading into Darwin [MP3]

11 Feb 2010‘Worlds in Transition’ launch with Helen Clark

08 Feb 2010Boost for dementia research & education

08 Feb 2010Transcript

08 Feb 2010A Talk With Barry Jones [MP3]

02 Feb 2010Transcript

02 Feb 2010Darwin's theory of evolution [MP3]

02 Feb 2010Climate change debate no place for silliness

02 Feb 2010Rewards for regional campus students

02 Feb 2010New program attracts overseas nurses

02 Feb 2010Burlesque Symposium held by La Trobe

29 Jan 2010Transcript

29 Jan 2010How shark's blood can save lives [MP3]

29 Jan 2010Paying for a smarter country

27 Jan 2010Be alert but wary on climate claims

22 Jan 2010Transcript

22 Jan 2010Teaching emerging journalists [MP3]

21 Jan 2010Mystery of Stonehenge solved?

20 Jan 2010Librarian awarded prestigious position

09 Apr 2010Global benefit of regional study

18 Jan 2010La Trobe boosts first round offers

11 Jan 2010Transcript

18 Jan 2010White Asians: Australia's future? [MP3]

15 Jan 2010Transcript

15 Jan 2010The Nature of Consciousness [MP3]

12 Jan 2010Prestigious post for academic

07 Jan 2010Transcript

07 Jan 2010Coffee with a Conscience [MP3]

06 Jan 2010Black Saturday and rural life