15 May 2012Bouverie Centre student awarded

28 Mar 2012Six-day Japanese language immersion camp

08 Feb 2013The Chowilla Dam project [MP3]

20 Dec 2012Business schools and human rights

18 Dec 2012In defence of invasive species

06 Feb 2013Differential equations [MP3]

13 Apr 2012Transcript

06 Feb 2013Reforming the funding of education [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Party conventions and empty chairs [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Will a hurricane impact the election? [MP3]

13 Dec 2012Recycling campaign targets mobiles

13 Dec 2012The missing piece of nature is empathy

21 Dec 2012Arabs in France in the Early 19th Century [MP3]

21 Dec 2012How the Franklin protesters won fight

20 Dec 2012Diet, obesity and Alzheimer's linked?

17 Dec 2012Reflections on outcomes: COP18 wraps up.

17 Dec 2012Business, Economics and Law now third

17 Dec 2012Without a god, we need a mythical mate

19 Dec 2012VC’s Excellence and Access Scholarships

14 Dec 2012'A cry from the heart' report from COP18

17 Dec 201210 million LTU on iTunes U downloads

14 Dec 2012Savanna Fire Management Initiative COP18

13 Dec 2012Where is the leadership at COP18?

13 Dec 2012Australian Delegation at COP18

14 Dec 2012Accounting for non-profit organisations [MP3]

12 Dec 2012"Horstory" Hooves and Steel

11 Dec 2012The future of food, nutrition and health

11 Dec 2012A profile of A. D. Trendall [MP3]

11 Dec 2012North Korea's next rocket launch

11 Dec 2012Health experts excluded from trade talks

10 Dec 2012COP18 Blog: Expectations.

10 Dec 2012COP18 Blog: The youth on climate change.

06 Dec 2012Democracy in a state of emergency

07 Dec 2012Excellence in Asian Studies recognised

07 Dec 2012Mathematics and music [MP3]

06 Dec 2012La Trobe third for research in Victoria

07 Dec 2012The Legacy of Arthur Dale Trendall

05 Dec 2012La Trobe Law School – 20 years of achievement

06 Dec 2012California’s gay therapy challenged

06 Dec 2012Creative writing students at La Trobe win national accolades

05 Dec 2012Doha COP18 blog: The diversity of action

03 Dec 2012'Arabs. Time to Lead.' Blog 5 from COP18

04 Dec 2012In conversation with Kiran Bedi [MP3]

04 Dec 2012Time to bring Fiji in from the cold?

04 Dec 2012'Diamond' cancer research

03 Dec 2012Day 3 blog : COP18 with Simon Molesworth

23 Nov 2012Positive feedback for student projects

06 Dec 2012Stunning Omani artefacts on display at La Trobe University

30 Nov 2012Studying brain disease using dictyostelium [MP3]

29 Nov 2012Reports from COP18 climate change talks

29 Nov 2012Simon Molesworth blogs from COP18: Doha

30 Nov 2012Pick your side and get outside

30 Nov 2012Let's not forget the basin plan story

28 Nov 2012It's on, and on, and ennui go

27 Nov 2012The art of the abandoned [MP3]

23 Nov 2012Is Catalonia closer to independence?

22 Nov 2012Alumnus nominated for Human Rights Medal

22 Nov 2012Reading and the new media revolution

22 Nov 2012Change put on hold in Nazarbayev’s Kazakhstan

20 Nov 2012Tourism in Australia [MP3]

20 Nov 2012Graduates at cutting edge of art

21 Nov 2012Rudd and Turnbull won't enhance debate

16 Nov 2012Women in Australian pubs [MP3]

16 Nov 2012‘Diamonds on the Inside’ for cancer care

16 Nov 2012Expert to talk youth mental health

15 Nov 2012Eminent economist heading to Shepparton

15 Nov 2012University message heads to regional Vic

14 Nov 2012Welcome boost in major research funds

14 Nov 2012Research tip for timber industry

14 Nov 2012Dignitaries talk regional art

13 Nov 2012Cataloguing plant species [MP3]

13 Nov 2012Will China have a minority president?

13 Nov 2012An anthropologist’s toolkit revealed

12 Nov 2012Literature course returns to iTunes U

12 Nov 2012Australia and Obama's return

08 Nov 2012Students win AMP University Challenge

09 Nov 2012Manipulating the molecules of life [MP3]

09 Nov 2012Obama Wins: Dissecting the 2012 Election [MP3]

08 Nov 2012Exclusive business degree for Bendigo

06 Nov 2012Kids Smart ads are not so smart

06 Nov 2012Just what the Government ordered

06 Nov 2012Beat the odds in cup day betting

05 Nov 2012IT Literacy program helpful in community

31 Oct 2012Women dominate in maths and stats

31 Oct 2012Research to probe lone wolf terrorists

30 Oct 2012Video game helps teach science and math

30 Oct 2012Thinking differently about rural health

29 Oct 2012German austerity is not the answer

26 Oct 2012How centenarians age gracefully

26 Oct 2012Archaeology in Cyprus [MP3]

26 Oct 2012Who was the real debate winner? [MP3]

26 Oct 2012Cancer fight one step closer to success

29 Oct 2012Sex education needs to begin earlier

23 Oct 2012Accounting workshops power up young minds

23 Oct 2012The 7arakat Conference Nov 2&3

26 Oct 2012Protecting the air we breathe

25 Oct 2012 The university experience then and now

23 Oct 2012Looking to our future

19 Oct 2012International students in the spotlight

18 Oct 2012On economics and politics [MP3]

25 Oct 2012Barriers for non-English speakers

19 Oct 2012Anti-Poverty Week at the Mildura campus

19 Oct 2012Research: Siblings need help too

17 Oct 2012Highlights of the FM Courtis Collection

16 Oct 2012He's my mother

16 Oct 2012Warning signs

16 Oct 2012Students make arresting case on research

15 Oct 2012Islam part of Australian history

15 Oct 2012Managing opioid induced constipation

12 Oct 2012Pre VP debate and the Indian perspective [MP3]

11 Oct 2012Changes to Autism diagnostic definitions

11 Oct 201240 years at La Trobe

10 Oct 2012The Australian media and China [MP3]

10 Oct 2012Mathematician receives prestigious award

09 Oct 2012Anti-blasphemy laws

08 Oct 2012First Presidential debate recap [MP3]

12 Sep 2012Universities, challenged

08 Oct 2012Bendigo student wins free accommodation

05 Oct 2012Bendigo to plug into world congress

05 Oct 2012Academic made Nanofabrication fellow

04 Oct 2012Why Human Security Matters book launch

04 Oct 2012Planning students travel to Trentham

03 Oct 2012The U.S. Election looms

02 Oct 2012Famed marketing academic visits La Trobe

01 Oct 2012Child Aware Approaches Program

01 Oct 2012Emeritus Professor Nancy F Millis AC

28 Sep 2012The study of languages [MP3]

28 Sep 2012National park tourism developments

12 Sep 2012RU486 and the TGA saga

01 Oct 2012Life-changing experience for students

27 Sep 2012New technology set to save lives

26 Sep 2012The cost of water and quality of life

26 Sep 2012Social media and same-sex marriage

24 Sep 2012Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations

21 Sep 2012Pliny the Elder [MP3]

20 Sep 2012Staff cited for outstanding contribution

20 Sep 2012Leaked videos and the Chinese perspective [MP3]

20 Sep 2012The business of study in Indonesia

25 Oct 2012School type points to uni performance

19 Sep 2012Early diagnosis for foot posture

18 Sep 2012How Australian women won the vote [MP3]

18 Sep 2012Religious leaders hold press conference

18 Sep 2012Take a hike

17 Sep 2012Chinese Moon Festival plans

14 Sep 2012Intimate partner violence against women [MP3]

14 Sep 2012Public lecture on new ambulance stations

13 Sep 2012The legal use of body tissue [MP3]

13 Sep 2012Beagley and the bloggers hit the books

12 Sep 2012Brazil’s Ambassador to Australia

12 Sep 2012Essay prize challenge

14 Sep 2012Public Lecture: Growing Pains

11 Sep 2012Mr Malthouse continues role at La Trobe

11 Sep 2012Shepparton students get Big Break

10 Sep 2012Cubbie Station recent sale

10 Sep 2012U.S. politics experts ready to comment

10 Sep 2012Tyre pressure station lowers emissions

12 Sep 2012Bendigo institution’s past and future

07 Sep 2012Living wage central to our self-respect

06 Sep 2012La Trobe in Human Rights Moot Finals

06 Sep 2012Arab spring, Salafi winter?

06 Sep 2012Questions of equity

04 Sep 2012Reporting the election numbers [MP3]

04 Sep 2012Project hope to grant one child a wish

03 Sep 2012What Mitt could do to us

21 Aug 2012Labor and Greens – enemies or friends?

31 Aug 2012Pressure to raise the 'perfect child' [MP3]

30 Aug 2012Time for new approach to HIV prevention

29 Aug 2012Pacific Islands Forum needs to reaffirm

29 Aug 2012Stylets best when breathing stops

29 Aug 2012Plant Science subject now on iTunes U

28 Aug 2012Open Day 2012

28 Aug 2012Research project on pets and the elderly

28 Aug 2012How antennas work [MP3]

28 Aug 2012Bouverie Centre Research Report Launch

27 Aug 2012Unbalanced view on autism research aired

19 Apr 2012Outstanding Mildura students recognised

23 Aug 2012Paul Ryan's VP nomination [MP3]

23 Aug 2012Safety measure for rail crossings

23 Aug 2012Professor Meg Morris joins La Trobe

23 Aug 2012Work experience by degrees

23 Aug 2012Dr Sue Shepherd joins La Trobe

22 Aug 2012 Crikey what a partnership!

20 Aug 2012Examining the news and lack there of

20 Aug 2012New appointment for La Trobe

20 Aug 2012Ancient Romans and 'outsiders' [MP3]

20 Aug 2012La Trobe Business School unveils new MBA

29 Aug 2012Bendigo represented in 'olympics'

15 Aug 2012Necessary change for a stronger future

17 Aug 2012La Trobe opens doors to community

16 Aug 20122012 GS Watson Annual Lecture

15 Aug 2012Projections of future climate change

15 Aug 2012Get the facts on the HUSS restructure

14 Aug 2012Murray-Darling Plan heads to Parliament

14 Aug 2012Election 2012 is coming [MP3]

14 Aug 2012Transcript

15 Aug 2012Bailout hopes could hit Berlin Wall

14 Aug 2012Sports Economics subject on iTunes U

10 Aug 2012Fiction for Young Adults subject online

10 Aug 2012La Trobe students enriched by India trip

10 Aug 2012What is the future of communication?

27 Jan 2012Towards earlier diagnosis for autism

10 Aug 2012Festival book launch a class effort

06 Aug 2012Using animals for research

03 Aug 2012ASEAN-Australia Youth Summit

03 Aug 2012Chinese in the Bendigo goldfields [MP3]

03 Aug 2012Transcript

02 Aug 2012Shepparton LRHS accommodation

02 Aug 2012The Roman World launched on iTunes U

02 Aug 2012Mildura LRHS accommodation opens

01 Aug 2012Arid zone ecology

10 Aug 2012Students, families celebrate success

30 Jul 2012Bouverie Centre's new resource kit

30 Jul 2012World Hepatitis Day

27 Jul 2012Waiting for Her Majesty to die

27 Jul 2012Transcript

27 Jul 2012Organisational capacity [MP3]

26 Jul 2012Shepparton accounting student wins prize

26 Jul 2012Olympics not a weight debate

25 Jul 2012A long jump forward

25 Jul 2012Cadetships open for application

26 Jul 2012Secuirty 'no shows' a blessing

23 Jul 2012Oil for lives?

23 Jul 2012Mediterranean diet improves health

23 Jul 2012La Trobe welcomes Ms Sheila O’Sullivan

25 Jul 2012Improving regional lives by degrees

20 Jul 2012Transcript

20 Jul 2012The Mediterranian diet [MP3]

20 Jul 2012New resource for high school students

20 Jul 2012Liam Lenten's 'Some Sports Economics'

18 Jul 2012How the humanities may again inspire

20 Jul 2012Thinking outside the box

16 Jul 2012Mexico's presidential elections

16 Jul 2012Pathways to a better death

16 Jul 2012GP's lack of knowledge in contraception

13 Jul 2012Environmental refugees

13 Jul 2012Transcript

13 Jul 2012Internationalising sports management [MP3]

10 Jul 2012La Trobe signs MOU with Kabul University

09 Jul 2012Interview with Brian Schmidt [MP3]

04 Jul 2012Mid-year entry ‘changed my life’

06 Jul 2012Pilots’ charity flight to be recognised

03 Jul 2012La Trobe Judicial Mentoring Program

04 Jul 2012Does $10,000 guitar sound better than $300?

02 Jul 2012International politics of climate change

02 Jul 2012Modern medicine and patients' well being

29 Jun 20122012 Mid-Year Entry Shepparton

29 Jun 2012Transcript

29 Jun 2012How the Carbon Tax works [MP3]

29 Jun 2012Forum to discuss food futures

28 Jun 2012Misconduct and responsibility in class

28 Jun 2012Contextualising law for over 25 years

28 Jun 2012Female leaders in Australian sport

28 Jun 2012Suicide and workplace bullying

28 Jun 2012NDIS: A step out of the dark

28 Jun 2012Carbon tax a job half done

27 Jun 2012Auditor General to chair advisory board

27 Jun 2012Short term homes needed for academics

29 Jun 2012Faculty dean heading to Bendigo

26 Jun 2012From Melbourne to Wodonga to Canberra

26 Jun 2012Safety, ageism and consensual sex

26 Jun 2012Islamic Finance at La Trobe

25 Jun 2012Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

22 Jun 2012Australian Census and the elderly

22 Jun 2012Census data on same-sex couples

22 Jun 2012In2science

15 Jun 2012Research draws international interest

21 Jun 2012Proposed changes for HUSS

21 Jun 2012Farewell Mubarak?

20 Jun 2012It ain’t easy being Greek

19 Jun 2012Rio+20

19 Jun 2012Sex workers

19 Jun 2012Manipulating water prices

14 Jun 2012La Trobe and OurSay talk sustainability

19 Jun 2012Taking religion too literally a problem

15 Jun 2012How to be British in the 21st century

13 Jun 2012Post-grad courses offering flexibility

13 Jun 2012La Trobe loses David Mann

12 Jun 2012New Facebook page for faculty

06 Jun 2012We are drinking too much water

07 Jun 2012An exercise in elitism

04 Jun 2012Lies, dam lies and water plans

04 Jun 2012Have some guts and help the environment

29 May 2012EcoTrivia on World Environmental Day

31 May 2012Euro a catalyst for continent's decline

31 May 2012La Trobe wins international competition

01 Jun 2012New posts in Business and Law at Bendigo

01 Jun 2012City to hold writers festival

30 May 2012La Trobe takes on the AMP Challenge

30 May 2012Under 50 and looking fabulous

30 May 2012Under 50 and looking fabulous

29 May 2012Early exposure to language

30 May 2012Minister launches award winning program

28 May 2012Seeing Gonski in perspective

28 May 2012TAFE turns a blind eye to the deaf

30 May 2012Students to present planning proposals

25 May 2012Computational mathematics [MP3]

25 May 2012Transcript

15 May 2012Education and the struggle for equality

24 May 2012Ageing drivers: Live and let drive

24 May 2012Leading scientist heads to LIMS

23 May 20122012 National Sorry Day

15 May 2012Lisa Jacobson launches The Sunlit Zone

21 May 201260,000 subscribe to LTU iTunes U courses

21 May 2012Cancers and infections

18 May 2012Transcript

18 May 2012Greek burials in Sicily [MP3]

16 May 2012Is there any sincerity left in politics?

25 May 2012Student entry checks carry risks

11 May 2012Transcript

14 May 2012Unis attracting more low SES students

14 May 2012International video competition finalist

14 May 2012National Volunteers Week

14 May 2012A lesson in Islamic Finance on iTunes U

11 May 2012US elections and foreign policy

11 May 2012Will plain-packaging on cigarettes work? [MP3]

11 May 2012Strange bedfellows?

10 May 2012Obama speaks out on gay marriage

09 May 2012Events planning for a good cause

09 May 2012Bonegilla Migrant Experience Workshop

09 May 2012Reparative therapy

09 May 2012Islamic Finance in Australia

08 May 2012Transcript

08 May 2012Private Lives [MP3]

07 May 2012Climate change debate ‘mislabelled’

08 May 2012Gender equality and the law profession

07 May 2012France 2012

04 May 2012La Trobe University Conga for Congo

04 Apr 2012Annual sustainability report released

03 May 2012Victorian Confucius Institute contest

03 May 2012Belief and scepticism

03 May 2012Respite Care Consortium

20 Apr 2012America's worst mom heading to Australia

19 Apr 2012Why is the Labor Party in Crisis?

04 May 2012Celebration ahead for students

30 Apr 2012Labor's future might be with the greens

30 Apr 2012Europe yet to learn from its mistakes

27 Apr 2012What makes a classic children's book? [MP3]

27 Apr 2012Transcript

27 Apr 2012Sustainability Report wins another award

26 Apr 2012Plain packaging on cigarettes will work

26 Apr 2012La Trobe United through Football

24 Apr 2012French presidential elections

23 Apr 2012International uni sport curriculum

20 Apr 2012Hospital chaplains and organ donations [MP3]

20 Apr 2012Transcript

19 Apr 2012Students aim for a sustainable future

20 Apr 2012Penalty shoot-outs

19 Apr 2012Complementary medicines self-regulation

18 Apr 2012Highly regarded professor joins La Trobe

16 Apr 2012Hospital Chaplains

16 Apr 2012La Trobe and TAFE partner with MoU

12 Apr 2012Learning from North Korea's missile test

12 Apr 2012La Trobe mooting takes on the world

11 Apr 2012Transcript

11 Apr 2012The Myall Creek Massacre [MP3]

02 Apr 2012Private Lives 2

02 Apr 2012La Trobe explores financial markets

02 Apr 2012A Talk with Mick Malthouse [MP3]

02 Apr 2012Transcript

02 Apr 2012La Trobe means business on human rights

26 Mar 2012From Persia – with love

23 Mar 2012Think twice before knee surgery

23 Mar 2012Transcript

23 Mar 2012A Talk with Eric Beecher [MP3]

23 Mar 2012In conversation with Mick Malthouse

22 Mar 2012Country towns doing it for themselves

21 Mar 2012ICAA challenges La Trobe students

22 Mar 2012MPs need a lesson in values

21 Mar 2012PUBLIC SEMINAR: Business & Human Rights

22 Mar 2012Community Goals in the Digital Age

16 Mar 2012Pride Week 2012

19 Mar 2012Bullying in schools

16 Mar 2012Bendigo family's generous donation

16 Mar 2012New online physics course on iTunesU

15 Mar 2012Fossil discovery in Asia

15 Mar 2012Let the Skype incident rest

15 Mar 2012Transcript

15 Mar 2012A Talk with Paul Ramadge [MP3]

14 Mar 2012Academics as public intellectuals

13 Mar 2012Impact of GFC not over for Australia

12 Mar 2012Japan: On March 11 and the year after

06 Mar 2012Grant for La Trobe Rural Health School

09 Mar 2012No woman should 'miss' the world

08 Mar 2012Transcript

08 Mar 2012Unearthed 2011: top archaeological finds [MP3]

08 Mar 2012Coal delay for miners makes sense

07 Mar 2012VCE history workshop on China

06 Mar 2012La Trobe extends its Heart

06 Mar 2012Vice-Chancellor heads to Bendigo Campus

05 Mar 2012New book explores Australian psyche

05 Mar 2012Women’s day walk for missing millions

01 Mar 2012The future for newspapers in Australia

02 Mar 2012Wastewater knowledge in the dumps

01 Mar 2012History subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Literature subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Journalism subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Degree of flexibility assists uni offers

29 Feb 2012La Trobe rates tops in student survey

29 Feb 2012Clean up La Trobe Day - 6 March

29 Feb 2012Optus called out stealing AFL broadcasts

28 Feb 2012Cloak of authority can be worn at last

24 Feb 2012OTs converge in Bendigo

24 Feb 2012Transcript

24 Feb 2012The human right to water [MP3]

24 Feb 2012The Gillard-Rudd confrontation

24 Feb 2012TGA reforms

23 Feb 2012Welcome for international students

21 Feb 2012Juggling uni, work and a broken foot

20 Feb 2012Students develop iPad app

16 Feb 2012Post-grad nursing student receives award

22 Feb 2012La Trobe welcomes 1500 new students

15 Feb 2012Academia and experience

15 Feb 2012Helping students understand

15 Feb 2012Islamic Banking boosts career chances

10 Feb 2012MOU signed with Greening Australia

09 Feb 2012New head means business

10 Feb 2012Student applauds new 'work ready' course

03 Feb 2012Consumers and complementary medicines

09 Feb 2012Interns and the modern workplace

06 Feb 2012Gillard displays grace under pressure

06 Feb 2012Rinehart is bad for climate coverage

07 Feb 2012Enrolment at Albury-Wodonga

03 Feb 2012Dog attacks can be avoided with care

03 Feb 2012The Australian whaling industry [MP3]

03 Feb 2012Transcript

31 Jan 2012Psychology student numbers on the rise

31 Jan 2012Residential College Life

02 Feb 2012Info night for mature age study

30 Jan 2012Germans can't keep paying for Europe

17 Jan 2012Homosexual: A literary milestone

27 Jan 2012Uni student excels

25 Jan 2012 Sex and baby boomers

25 Jan 2012Use it or lose it

25 Jan 2012Australia's first courses on iTunes U

24 Jan 2012Australia Day and racism

24 Jan 2012Voting biases in music polls [MP3]

24 Jan 2012Transcript

24 Jan 2012Why Rudd's return is Labor's only chance

20 Jan 2012Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation [MP3]

20 Jan 2012Transcript

20 Jan 2012Triple J Hottest 100 decoded?

19 Jan 2012Tops for student demand

19 Jan 2012Antarctica is no place for politicking

17 Jan 2012Transcript

17 Jan 2012Finding truth in biblical narratives [MP3]

10 May 2012La Trobe leads demand for uni places

18 Jan 2012La Trobe Bendigo continues strong growth

16 Jan 2012John Dewar starts as Vice-Chancellor

18 Jan 2012Vic disaster response system world class

14 Feb 2012Sports stadium disasters

13 Jan 2012Transcript

13 Jan 2012Welcoming the new Vice-Chancellor [MP3]

12 Jan 2012US election race baffles the punters

12 Jan 2012Legal eagles drink to a mouse

10 Jan 2012Vale: Sir Archibald Glenn, OBE

09 Jan 2012AFL expansion to change sport landscape

09 Jan 2012Transcript

09 Jan 2012Multiculturalism in Australia [MP3]

05 Jan 2012Tolerance should extend to cults

03 Jan 2012Labor seeks compromise on asylum seekers

13 Jan 2012Why Fiji has moved on

13 Apr 2012Volunteer ambos vital