Women in mathematics and statistics

Women in Mathematics and StatisticsThe Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering graduation ceremony on October 19 was unique for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. All six of the graduands at Honours level or above were women.

From left to right they are: Ms Melanie Makaronis (Master of Statistical Science), Lei Yang (Master of Statistical Science), Dr Sarah Johansen (Doctor of Philosophy with distinction), Linda Ho (Bachelor of Science with Honours and Bachelor of Commerce), Jacinda Barnard (Bachelor of Science with Honours and Graduate Diploma in Mathematical and Information Science), Dr Connie Li Wai Suen (Doctor of Philosophy).

'Long gone are the days when mathematics and statistics were the domain of male students. Nowadays, it is the norm for well over half of our advanced students to be female." In 2011 in Mathematics and Statistics there were thirteen female PhD students to seven males, and nine female Honours students to six males. It was only amongst the coursework Masters students where males out numbered females, but just six to four. Overall, there were twenty-six females to ninteen males at Honours level or above.