Triplets in Bach of Agricultural Science


Alexis, Jade and Teagan KilloranThis article appeared in Edition 3 of the Faculty's dedicated publication Synergy.

Alexis, Jade and Teagan Killoran have found themselves pursuing their united passion for the environment, by undertaking a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. The triplets say their enthusiasm for agriculture is due to their upbringing in a rural, heavily drought affected area. 

‘Growing up in a tiny isolated country town in Gippsland, I have always been interested in the agricultural sector of Australia, and decided from an early age to become involved in this field,’ says Jade. 

Teagan has also been interested from a young age in the environment and improving farming methods to conserve resources.

‘It seemed natural to complete a course based on promoting the efficient use of resources in Australia, especially with climate change starting to cause stress on the agricultural industry,’ she says. Teagan plans to move into the agricultural sector to possibly become an agronomist, or securing a place on the water board. 

Sister Alexis also hopes to become an agronomist or develop a career with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, responsible for agriculture, fisheries, earth resources, energy and forestry. ‘Once I graduate I hope to either become involved with water conservation and resource management,’ Alexis says.  

Dr Peter Sale, Associate Professor and Reader for La Trobe’s Department of Agricultural Science, says it’s a pleasure to teach such dedicated students. ‘They are a delight to teach, and I am sure they will go on to make real contributions to sustainable agriculture in the future,’ Dr Sale says. 

The sisters are thrilled they chose to study at La Trobe University, as they enjoy the friendly approach of the teaching staff. 

‘This degree is a fantastic course for anyone wishing to be employed in an agricultural related capacity, especially for rural students who intend to return to the country,’ Jade says.

By Lisa Prowling.