Successful ARC Discovery Project – Re-thinking the school education of prospective Scientists

We congratulate Dr Dorothy Smith from La Trobe University’s Faculty of Education and Emeritus Professor Richard Gunstone from Monash University, who will work on a project investigating the development in professional scientists of an awareness that their work as scientists brings them into a relationship with broader society.

Areas of interest include the manner in which they frame such a relationship and the role played by their schooling in developing these views. This relationship has not previously been explored; in particular, it has not been examined for its possible implications for school science education.

Dr Smith from La Trobe is the Lead Chief Investigator of the project which has been successful in obtaining funding for a grant worth $311,000 over three years.

The expected outcome is a fresh perspective from which to consider a key issue in science curriculum: how to provide for both intending scientist and future scientific laity in the same classroom.

Significant recommendations will be developed for science curriculum across Australia.