Special seminar for Beijing hospitals delegation - 18 Apr 2011

On 18th April 2011 Centre for China Studies (CCS) held a special seminar on Australian health care system. The seminar was arranged in response to strong interest from the Beijing health care sector, and it formed part of a 20 day training and cultural exchange program for the delegation including 17 senior hospital managers from Beijing.

This special seminar, organized by CCS in conjunction with the School of Management and the School of Public Health, is aiming to promote the exchange of information and advancement of knowledge in the fields of health care and its management, and to thereby improve the safety, quality and efficiency of health care service of tertiary hospitals in China.

During the seminar Professor Pei Likun, Executive Director of CCS, briefed the hospital managers on Australian health care system and health delivery in Australia and talked about drug safety, hospital management and government funding, etc. Professor Pei also discussed with the managers the issues, concerns and barriers they face in the workplace.

The managers were impressed with the knowledge of Prof Pei and said the seminar resolved many of their queries. "This was one of the best seminars we had during this trip", "The visit to the China Centre is definitely worthwhile. We are hoping to have further collaboration with the China Centre in the future", said the team leader of the group.