La Trobe Image Enhanced at Beijing Forum

The eighth Beijing Forum was successfully held during November 4th-6th, 2011 in Beijing. This great occasion attracted more than 300 leading scholars and experts from all over the world. Around the theme of “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All —Tradition and Modernity, Transition and Transformation”, participants had in-depth discussions.

The Forum is an international academic event co-sponsored by Peking University, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. It aims to promote the study of humanities and social sciences around the world. Each year the event brings together hundreds of world renowned scholars to exchange ideas and research findings.  It is also a valuable opportunity for scholars to build up network and develop collaborative relations with their peers from other universities.

Given the strong and close links with Peking University, Centre for China Studies (CCS) has successfully organized a number of outstanding academics to attend the Forum in the past seven years. In 2011 the University was well represented by Professor Harry Clarke, Professor Joe Camilleri, Professor Jae Kim and Professor Pei Likun at this high profile event. Professor Clark presented the paper Environmental Policies with Efficient Pricing and Poverty-Based Transfers in China. Another important paper The Challenge-Response Dynamic of Our Time: A New Epoch in the Making was presented by Professor Joe Camilleri. Their presentations sparked a lot of interest and were followed by heated discussion among the scholars.

With the assistance of the faculties and student associations the China Centre, for the first time, selected two outstanding student representatives, Miss Nastassia Bondarenko-Edwards and Mr George Bath to participate in the student panel of the forum “Responsibilities and Actions of the Youth in Cultural Inheritance, Innovation and Development”. Miss Bondarenko-Edwards chaired a session. The participants believed that the forum was a valuable opportunity and experience for them to expand knowledge and to discuss the global issues with the peers from other leading universities around the world.  

Beijing Forum’s contributions on academic development and social progress have been widely acknowledged. The Centre for China Studies will continue to facilitate La Trobe’s scholars to present this high profile event with a view to enhancing the University’s international profile and make efforts in promoting collaborations and cultural exchange between China and Australia.