Grant success across the Faculty

Congratulations to all staff from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering who have been awarded grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The Faculty is well represented among successful applicants, with staff across all Schools involved in successful applications. 


Discovery Projects

Professor Phoebe Chen - $270,000
Advanced analytics utilising conjoint mining of data and content with applications in business, bio-medicine and electrical power systems

Dr Suresh Mathivanan - $260,000
The importance of exosomal membrane composition in intercellular signaling

Professor Roger Parish - $270,000
The genes and pathways regulated by the AMYB80 network are involved in Arabidopsis pollen development

Dr Brian Smith - $280,000
BioPPSy: an open source BIOchemical Property Prediction System

Administered through other organisations 

Dr Yury Nikolayevsky and Dr Grant Cairns
Investigator on 'symmetries in real and complex geometry

Dr Emiko S Kashima
Co-evolutionary dynamics of culture and social structure

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA)

Dr Jason Dutton - $375,000
Base stabilised dicarbon as a new building block for supramolecular organometallic chemistry

Linkage-Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants

Dr Grant Van Riessen and Professor Andrew Peele - $150,000
A fast soft x-ray detector system for advanced biological and materials imaging

Administered through other organisations 

Dr Chris Pakes and Dr Brian Abbey
Helium and neon ion microscope for sub nanometer imaging and fabrication

Dr Mark Hulett, Dr Hamsa Puthalakath and Professor Nicholas Hoogenraad
Multi-scale imaging and characterisation facility for biological structure and function

Dr John Webb
An x-ray scattering facility for advanced characterisation of natural and novel materials


Project grants 

Dr Suzanne Cutts - $307,000
A new strategy to prevent anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity while improving anti-cancer activity

Professor Michael Ryan and Dr Diana Stojanovski - $530,000
Molecular mechanisms controlling mitochondrial dynamics

Professor Graham Lamb and Dr Robyn Murphy - $592,000
Physiological and pathological effects of oxidation on contractile function in skeletal muscle

Administered through other organisations 

Professor Edith Bavin
How language develops, what goes wrong, and why it matters: Following the Early Language in Victoria Study to age 13

Dr Cheryl Dissanayake and Dr Danuta Loesch (AI)
Characterization of a novel epigenetic boundary and long range epigenetic modifications specific to FMR1 expansion carriers with behavioural and cognitive disorders - implications for earlier diagnosis and treatment

Dr Brian Smith
Functional analysis of the Toxoplasma Myosin driving tissue dissemination and host cell invasion

Early career grants

Ms Amy Morgan
Increasing access to early prevention of anxiety disorders: evaluation of internet-based parent training of young children