Funding supports wildlife research

Nicole Coggan has been awarded $6,700 by the Holsworth Wildlife Research Fund for her project on Effects of native omnivores on invertebrate biodiveristy and function: An experimental approach.

This project is in its second year of research. In 2011 it received $5,250 AUD from the Holsworth Endowment for its first year.  In April 2012, the project was granted $6,762 AUD by Holsworth to continue research.

This year’s grant will be used to pay for travel to and from the project’s field sites, which are located in northwest NSW, central SA, and eastern QLD.  The round trip distance to all of these sites is approximately 9,232 km (this distance does not include driving within each site).

The grant will also be used to purchase further materials for experiments in the field: this year the project will use 300 rolls of cotton thread to track critical weight range animals such as burrowing bettongs in order to match their pattern of habitat use to those of termites, which are a major resource for many desert inhabitants.

The aim of the project is to assess the effects of the extinction of critical weight range (CWR) species such as burrowing bettongs and bilbies  on invertebrate-driven ecosystem processes and invertebrate behaviour in Australia’s arid and semi-arid zones.