Former President of Peking University Prof. Xu Zhihong visited La Trobe University

Professor Xu Zhihong, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician, former President of Peking University, visited La Trobe University on 21st March 2011. Professor John Rosenberg, Deputy Vice Chancellor (International and Development) hosted a warm reception to Professor Xu Zhihong and his wife Professor Li Qihua. Professor Pei Likun (Executive Director, Centre for China Studies), Professor Roger Parish (Acting Dean, Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering) and Ms Liz Stinson (Director, La Trobe International) attended the meeting to welcome the guests. During the meeting, both sides reviewed the success and the progress of collaborations in learning, teaching and research between the two universities. On behalf of the University, Professor Rosenberg expressed his appreciations to Professor Xu's great contribution to the development of relationships and collaborations between LTU and PKU. Following the meeting, a lunch was hosted by Professor Rosenberg.

Professor Xu and Professor Li visited the Centre for China Studies for the 4th year anniversary celebration since the formal opening of the Centre for China on 30th March 2007.

During their visit, Professor Xu and Professor Li met and had dinner with members of Melbourne Peking University Alumni Association at the Centre for China Studies.

Brief Introduction to Professor Xu Zhihong

A native of Jiangsu Province, Professor Xu Zhihong received a Bachelor of Science degree from Peking University's Department of Biology in 1965 and a Master of Science degree from the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology (SIPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1969. He then began his career as a research fellow at SIPP, earning the position of deputy director in 1983 and director in 1991. From 1988 to 1996, he chaired the National Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics, SIPP, while in 1992 he was appointed the Vice-President of CAS. In 1999, Professor Xu received the honor of being named the President of Peking University.

At present, Professor Xu is a professor of life sciences both at Peking University and SIPP, Chairman of the Chinese National Committee of Man and of Biosphere (UNESCO), Chairman of the Chinese Society of Plant Physiology, and Director of the CAS Committee on Scientific Ethics. Professor Xu additionally serves an academician of CAS and of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

Professor Xu holds honorary degrees from De Montfort University, Nottingham, Hong Kong City University, Waseda, McGill, Melbourne, La Trobe University, the University of Montreal, the University of Edinburgh, the University of East Anglia, and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. He was also conferred the title of Honorary Professor by Hong Kong University in 1994.

Professor Xu's research interests include plant development, plant cell culture and genetic manipulation, and plant biotechnology. He has published over 200 papers, reviews, and reports in these fields.