Five questions with Professor Carol Adams

Professor Carol Adams

Professor Carol Adams

Professor Carol Adams is the newly appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability), and the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law and Management. She has previously held Head of School positions at Glasgow, Monash and Deakin University's after gaining her MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and Glasgow University. Professor Adams is also the Director of the La Trobe Institute of Social and Environmental Sustainability and was head of the University's Sustainability Taskforce in 2009.



1.  Describe the perfect day?  Climbing a mountain on a clear day.  With my son. 

2.  What do people need to know about the future?  The way we work and the way we live will be very different.  We need to prepare our students for a different future, a changed world, and develop leaders who will challenge the status quo.

3. If you could hop on a plane right now where would you go and why? I shouldn't hop on a plane anywhere, too negative an environmental impact!  But I'd like to go Gujarat and Kenya with my daughter and see the places her father and his family came from.  And some other places in India and Africa too.

4. What movie would you recommend and whyThe Age of Stupid.  It highlights the need for us to change the way we see our world and interact with it.

5.  Who would you invite to your ultimate dinner party? Maya Angelou, not because of her poetry, but because of her life and spirit and what she has conquered.  Read I know why the caged bird sings if you want some inspiration in overcoming adversity.