Lorraine Beasley inducted into the IPAA Honour Roll

L Beasley and K Petersen

Lorraine BeasleyLorraine Beasley, School Executive Officer for the School of Law, has been inducted into the Institute of Public Administration Australia's Honour Roll of Women Legends of Service Delivery.

This award recognises the tireless and consistent efforts of women whose diligence, enthusiasm and hard work meet the needs of their community.

The honorary event commenced at the Parliament of Victoria and guests were welcome by the IPAA President and Secretary of the Department of Health, Fran Thorn. Following a tour of the Parliament House, the inductees were treated to lunch hosted by Penny Armytage, Secretary of the Department of Justice and other senior women leaders.

In the afternoon, the celebration included a private guided tour of the Famous Women portraits in the National Gallery of Victoria and then the special guests were presented with their awards.

We are thrilled that the IPAA has formally honoured Lorraine for the qualities she has demonstrated over the years in the School of Law.

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