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The Gist Of It LogoLaw student Hugh Crosthwaite has created a legal website designed for those who want to learn more about government in Australia.

The initial idea came about whilst Hugh was studying constitutional law.

‘It became apparent while in this subject that many of my fellow students did not understand the basic constitutional framework of our society. Concepts like the separation of powers and its purpose where foreign to them. The result being that, when they discussed political issues, the context in which they discussed the issue did not reflect the context in which the issue existed.’

The website was originally endorsed by Liberty Victoria who assisted in acquiring funding and resources. Amnesty Australia, the Australian Lawyers Alliance and the Missen Foundation, along with Liberty Victoria provided the funds necessary to create the site and the content. Hugh had a team of ten people who worked on the project in various capacities.

‘The original arrangement was fairly ad hoc because the funding was so limited. We were thankful for people who often worked without much in the way of remuneration to get this site off the ground. We could not have done it without the experts featured in each episode, as well as Mary Kostakidis, all of whom generously donated their time and expertise.’

Hugh has already received positive feedback about the site. He noted that even professionals who work in law but not as a lawyer, have found the site very helpful in terms of understanding what was happening in their jobs.

‘My favourite part would have to be feeling like I am making a small contribution to helping other people interact with government and exercise democratic rights more effectively than they would have otherwise. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with all the fantastic people who assisted on the project.’

Special thanks go out to Liberty Victoria, Brian Walters SC and Julian Burnside QC AO.

For more information visit The Gist Of It website.