The 2008 DM Myer’s Medal

DM Myer's Medal

DM Myer's MedalThe Faculty of Law and Management is pleased to announce the 2008 DM Myer’s Medal recipient is, School of Law graduate, Robert Kelly. Robert was presented with his medal by the Chancellor at a graduation ceremony on 22 May 2009.

David Myers, the University’s first Vice-Chancellor, established the University medal in 1968. It was first proposed to Academic Board on 24 July 1968 where it was stated that “the medal is to be awarded annually to the best graduating student in each school.” In 1994 when the University was reorganised into five faculties, the Academic Board then resolved that from 1995 the medal shall be “awarded annually to the outstanding honours graduate of each faculty.”

Cast in bronze from a design by the late Andor Meszaros, the medallion’s theme is the origin of communication. A mythological hero is depicted triumphing over a lion, while the background is a pictorial representation of the beginnings of writing with letters of different alphabets, hieroglyphs, cryptograms, illustrating the development and celebration of excellence in written communication.