Law student receives scholarship to attend Global Citizenship Conference

Global Citizenship Conference

Global Citizenship ConferenceJo Hambling, a third-year law and international relations student, attended the 2009 International Network of Universities (INU) Student Seminar on Global Citizenship, in Hiroshima, Japan.
It was the fourth year the program has been run and once again, Hiroshima University hosted the Student Seminar as well as covered the cost of travel and accommodation for one student from each member university. La Trobe University also gave a scholarship of $2000 to cover the expenses of a second student.

Global citizenship, the focus of the conference, strives to prevent catastrophes such as the destruction which was inflicted on Hiroshima, through fostering a notion of international responsibility and compassion for all people around the world.

The program theme this year was “Migration, Refugees, and Peace" and the program coincided, as it does each year with the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima on August 6th. During the first 2 days of the program participants had an opportunity to visit the memorial museum, hear a personal account from an atomic bomb survivor, attend the peace memorial service and explore the city of Hiroshima. These introductory two days provided an all too real illustration of the costs and repercussions of failures to resolve conflicts peacefully.

For the remaining four days students attended workshops, heard from guest speakers and prepared for the mock UN session which is held annually on the last day of the conference.
Jo remarked about her experience, ‘I was thrilled to attend the conference. In the spirit of global citizenship, all the students involved were committed to ensuring everyone had a chance to voice their views and be actively involved in and fully understand the sessions, despite cultural and language barriers. The cooperation and the openness between the students was truly inspiring.’