Kuwaiti Government provides fully-paid study tour

Kuwait Government

Kuwait GovernmentErdem Koc, a final year law and media studies student is one of three La Trobe students to receive a study tour by the Kuwaiti Government. Erdem, current editor of the University’s online magazine upstart, applied because it was an opportunity to broaden his global perspective.

The student journalism delegation to Kuwait was co-organised by the Australian Institute for Design, Entertainment and the Arts (IDEA) and the Kuwaiti Government.

The Kuwaiti Government gave 10 Australian journalism students from various universities the opportunity to be apart of this 10-day delegation to Kuwait, in an effort to raise awareness and critical thinking skills when reporting on issues in the Middle East.

Delegates met with members of parliaments, government representatives, members of various political movements and journalists.

The discussions in each of the meetings were driven by the delegates in their respective fields of interests, ranging from sport to politics. Delegates also met with the Australian Ambassador to Kuwait, and visited Kuwait University and Box Hill College where they engaged with young people. Delegates were also able to visit the main attractions of Kuwait City, including the aquarium, the oil-fields and the desert.

One of the highlights of the trip was a chance to experience a diwaniya - the traditional Kuwaiti social custom where men (and sometimes women) gather at someone's house to discuss the pertinent political, social and economic issues of the day.

Erdem was grateful for the opportunity saying, ‘It was a fascinating experience and a rare opportunity to see a country in such detail in a region which we hear and know so little about in Australia’.

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