End of studies celebration

students at bbq small

Students at bbqIt was almost like any other day at La Trobe, lush, green and with an exciting air of energy. However, this day was subtly different for our third year sport, tourism and hospitality students. The end to this early summer, balmy evening in October signalled the end of their studies with their final undergraduate lecture having being sat.

The scene: a close of study barbecue; drinks freely flowing; mood fresh and positive; excited local and international students enjoying themselves. The place: Eat@Menzies, at Melbourne (Bundoora), just one of the many wonderful food outlets on-campus.

The Director of Tourism and Hospitality, Associate Professor, Ewen Michael had the honour of seeing these vibrant, up-beat, soon-to-be graduates leave the lecture rooms as cultivated students on their last teaching day. "It's something we've been doing at the school for many years", Dr Michael explained when asked about the significance of the event. "It gives our students a chance to end their studies on a good note".

Fellow educator, Paul Strickland put it all together for the students. An energetic and dynamic lecturer with many years hands on experience in the hospitality industry, Paul ensured tight organisation of the event.

"We want you to know that this is the end of a chapter for you all at La Trobe, but another is just beginning", said Dr Terri Joiner, the encouraging, positive Head of the School of Management which, coordinates the sport, tourism and hospitality courses. "We want our relationship to continue to grow for many years to come, and as La Trobe Alumni, you will also always be sure of a warm welcome back here", was Dr Joiner's warm and friendly reminder in a valediction speech to our students.

Students at bbq

Friendliness, openness, a beautiful and natural setting in vast hectares of protected natural parkland; just the setting to nurture the growth and development of strong and well rounded graduates moving into the competitive work-force environment. And the School of Management's teaching staff were here in force to send the students off on a good note!

"We want our Alumni to always feel welcome and have a close affiliation with La Trobe. Your time as a student doesn't end when you leave here, we organise a range of regular and engaging events that cater for all interests and offer opportunity for exciting reunions. And of course, as a La Trobe Alumni, a world of further study is always around the corner, with an exciting variety of post-graduate and professional development programs to choose from across all our metropolitan and regional campuses", said, Chintan Bharwada, Manager of La Trobe's Alumni Relations unit, which helped fund the send-off,

Students, our Alumni, we look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you the very best in your new and exciting careers.