Faculty scholarship winners announced

2009 Chinese Scholarship Winners

2009 Chinese Scholarship WinnersChinese Government Scholarship for two lucky La Trobe Students

Interview and article by: Kam Shafaati, Faculty of Law and Management Marketing Office

It is with great pleasure that we announce two La Trobe University students from the Faculty of Law and Management have been successful in winning Chinese Government Scholarships. Scott Bulman and Paul Cheyne were awarded two full scholarships to their school of choice in China.

Scott is currently undertaking his third year in Bachelor of Laws and Arts. In the Arts component of his course Scott majors in Chinese language (Mandarin). He’s had a strong interest in China and Chinese culture from an early age, studying Mandarin since year six!

Having previously travelled to China a number of times, Scott has been fortunate enough to have visited Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Beijing. He received a full scholarship from DFAT’s Australia-China Council in 2006, and studied for twelve months at Liaoning University in Shenyang. He then completed the ‘Winter School subject at Shanghai University – Introduction to Chinese Law’ with the School of Law in 2008.

Scott has just recently returned from a two-month internship with an international intellectual property firm, Rouse & Co. International at their Beijing office.

‘I was in China working on my internship when I heard the good news. I couldn’t wait to return home to read the news and the finer details for myself.’ says Scott.

Scott is really thankful to La Trobe’s Centre for Chinese Studies and in particular Prof Pei, who he says was really supportive in preparation of the application for the new scholarship.

Scott has been admitted by the Renmin University of China as a Junior Visiting Student to study at the School of Law from February 2010 to January 2012. Although he’ll be studying law for the duration, he would like to fit as much Chinese learning in as possible.

‘I think that studying in China will definitely deepen my insight into Law from a Chinese perspective. China is a booming country and having the opportunity to actually learn law in China, will give me a rare insight. This in turn will hopefully expand my career opportunities as my experience will be a unique one.’ says Scott.

Having completed his Bachelor of Business, majoring in Tourism Management, Paul is currently undertaking his Masters in Tourism as well as a Diploma of Languages (Mandarin).

Paul has already been to China numerous times; the last time being when he went on a UMAP tour (University Mobility in Asia Pacific) and studied Chinese/Mandarin for three months, back in 2007.

‘During my time in China I fell in love with the people, the culture, the language, and way of life. My experience in China really cemented my passion of Mandarin and China in general, and ever since my return I had been waiting and hoping for the opportunity to return. So naturally when I was informed of the opportunity to study in China for four years, I just knew that this was the chance I had been dreaming about.’ says Paul.

Paul was in complete disbelief when he realised that he had been selected. ‘When you apply for these things you don’t really expect for it to actually take effect, but when it does it is just unbelievable!’, says Paul

Paul has been admitted by Dongbei University of Finance and Economics where he will be studying Chinese (Mandarin) for twelve months, followed by a three year Masters in Economics.

From this experience Paul hopes to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture and language, as well as gaining a wealth of life experience in the process. He anticipates that this experience will have a major impact on his career. ‘One day I hope to establish a career in China, so this experience will greatly influence the chance of me realising my dreams.’ says Paul.

The Faculty of Law and Management congratulates both students on winning Chinese Government Scholarships, wishing them the greatest success for the future.