Exciting 2013 teaching program launched

Education 2013 programThe Faculty of Education launches an innovative teaching program to be offered to commencing Graduate Diploma in Education students in 2013. 

The Charles La Trobe College-La Trobe University-Intel Partnership is a unique opportunity for graduates looking at enrolling in an innovative teaching program to obtain a teaching qualification in 2013. 

La Trobe University has entered into a special partnership with Charles La Trobe College that will allow student teachers to gain extended in-depth imbedded training with a great deal of personalised support. At the same time the technology company Intel has entered into a relationship with Charles La Trobe College and will provide the very latest in technology to be installed in the classroom of the future for use by staff and trainee teachers at the school.

Students graduating from this program will have experiences that will stand them apart from the crowd when applying for jobs and prepare them fully for future careers as teachers in primary or secondary schools. 

If this opportunity captures your imagination contact the Coordinator, Ian Bentley by email i.bentley@latrobe.edu.au