Delegation from Nanjing Forestry University - 04 Jan 2011

A delegation from Nanjing Forestry University (NFU) visited La Trobe University and the Centre for China Studies on Tuesday 4th January 2011. The delegation led by Professor Shi Jisen, Vice President of NFU was composed of five deans and deputy deans of different faculties of NFU. The purpose of the visit was to explore the possibility of cooperation in media, industrial design and bio-sciences and renew the MOU between the two universities which was originally signed in 2005.

The delegation were welcomed by Professor Pei Likun, Executive Director of the Centre for China Studies Professor Pei said the two universities have solid foundation of the cooperation in the past. The Centre for China Studies has been actively engaged in the collaboration with NFU. In 2010 the Centre offered two fellowships to NFU scholars to work on a joint research project on Taoism with LTU scholars. Vice President Shi said that he believed that the links between the two universities will be further strengthened with the efforts of the Centre for China Studies.