Big Fat Ideas

presents Focused, Ambitious and Transformative talks by La Trobe University academics. Each presentation challenges the audience to think differently about an issue of local, national or global significance. encourage audiences to engage with issues and concepts they haven’t explored before, or perhaps see familiar issues from a different point of view. 


Thursday 22 March from 10.00 am


CTLC Studio (EDU2, L1), Melbourne campus

Our first program for 2012 includes:

10.00 am: Adapt or die: the last human species 
Dr Andy Herries
Australian Research Fellow, Head of Archaeomagnetism Laboratory, Archaeology

10.20 am: Sex education for primary school kids
Jenny Walsh
Manager, Community Liaison and Education Unit, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Heath and Society

10.40 am: Boat people: focusing on a solution
Dr Savitri Taylor
Associate Professor and Director of Research, School of Law

11.00 am: A 'super' drugs in sport policy
Dr Liam Lenten
Senior Lecturer, School of Economics

11.20 am: Wear your diamonds on the inside
Dr David Hoxley
Lecturer, School of Physics 

Limited seats will be available so RSVP your interest in attending to