Agora refurbishments get underway!

agoraA number of exciting projects are getting under-way over the summer break aimed at enhancing facilities and amenities in the Agora on Melbourne Campus.

The Agora Theatre and Food Court are receiving a much needed refurbishment, while the southern-side of the Agora will benefit from a new glazed canopy and furnishings. (Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image)

Agora canopy project

  • Provision of a permanent glazed canopy providing weather protection to the full length of the south side of the Agora to allow pedestrians to traverse this area undercover
  • The canopy will be attached to the level 2 concrete spandrel & extend across to the existing steps
  • Fixed directional and other retail signage that facilitates the removal of 'sandwich' style boards
  • Enhancing external areas that service both the needs of retail outlets at Ground level and student use on Level 2 north side outside Library by developing a suite of functional external furniture options to service the needs of both these areas.

Staged hoarding will be in place and access to the Agora Theatre and Cinema will be maintained throughout the works. Access to the retail tenancies to buy food and beverages will also be maintained  

Work is expected to be completed by the start of Semester 1, 2013 and Orientation Week (commencing on Monday 25 February).