India in Focus seminar series

An initiative of La Trobe Asia showcasing La Trobe University expertise in India.

The 'India in Focus' seminar series will highlight India related research at La Trobe University from all disciplines, allowing conversation and analysis on specialised topics with academics and experts.

Australia's Relationship with India - 19 August, 2:00PM AEST
Lisa Singh - Deputy Chair, Australia India Council and Former Australian Senator (2011-2019).

India and Australia stand to benefit greatly through deep and ongoing engagement. Despite some share interests between the two states, there is a shallow public interest and understanding of India in Australia, and the coverage of the country is often cursory and limited in scope. How can we better promote understanding of India in Australia, leverage shared interests, and strengthen national, business and societal relations?

When India fought China, and why it matters - 26 August - 2:00PM AEST
Dr Ruth Gamble - DECRA Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology and History, La Trobe University

China and India fought a war over their unresolved Himalayan border in 1962. Nearly sixty years later, this border remains unresolved, and the effects of the ongoing dispute over it can be felt in the whole region’s geopolitics, ecologies, cultures, and, increasingly, technologies. This seminar will present a political ecological analysis of the war’s causes, events, and aftermaths, and use the past to suggest what the region’s bifurcated future may hold.

Heritage sites and tourism in India - 2 September - 2:00PM AEST
Dr Kiran Shinde, Community Planning and Development, La Trobe University.

This presentation examines prevailing tourism trends in heritage sites in India and then raises some pertinent questions about these trends in relation to the sustainability of those places. Adding to the conventional modes of inquiry against social, economic, and environmental indicators, this presentation argues that there is a deeper sense (or spirit) of place that plays an equally important role in understanding sustainability of heritage sites. The presentation draws on from many heritage sites that are popular in India.

Diabetes self-management in India - 9 September - 2:00PM AEST
Dr Sabrina Gupta, (Public Health), Dr Jency Thomas, (Anatomy), and Rahul Krishna Puvvada (PhD candidate) of La Trobe University.

Self-medication practices are common across India and include taking both traditional and western medications without proper medical advice, and using old prescription drugs or unused drugs from friends and family members. These practices can lead to many detrimental effects. We aim to identify the factors that may influence these practices and gain perspectives of people living with diabetes, their carers; doctors and pharmacists living and working in Mysuru, India.

Researching the smaller languages of the India-Myanmar border - 16 September - 2:00PM AEST
Associate Professor Stephen Morey - Languages and Linguistics, La Trobe University.

The border of India and Myanmar is an area of great language diversity and cultural richness. Stephen Morey has been working to study and record the languages of this area since the 1990s and in this talk will present some data about the number of languages spoken there, about their diversity and some of the challenges of recording the very multilingual situation there in a time of globalization and modernization.

Sport for Development: Opportunities and Challenges - 23 September - 2:00PM AEST
Dr Biju Philip - La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University.

What are the impacts of a sport-for-development program in social inclusion in rural India? This seminar will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges of sport-for-development programs in an Indian school setting.