College Teaching Awards

The College of Science, Health and Engineering is delighted to announce its 2021 award recipients in Learning and Teaching

The College of Science, Health and Engineering is delighted to announce its 2021 award recipients in Learning and Teaching.

These awards recognise staff in the College who have demonstrated excellent teaching practice and made outstanding contributions to student learning, student success and engagement within their discipline.

This year the awards include an additional category, the COVID Innovation and Impact Award. This award recognises the innovative approaches taken by teaching, support, and professional staff in the College that led to a demonstrably improved student experience.

Applicants were required to submit a three minute video describing how their approach or contribution responded to the unique context of teaching during the pandemic. You can watch their video entries here.

Provost Teaching Award winners:

  • Colleen Thomas, Tom Samiric and Debbi Weaver for implementing an evidence-based approach to designing and improving assessments to engage students in critical analysis of biomedical scientific literature.
  • Robert Ross for pioneering innovation with educational escape rooms to engage and motivate students within STEM disciplines.
  • Terri Meehan-Andrews for Popcorn and Disease – Video killed the pathophysiology report.
  • Dell Horey, Fernanda Nava Buenfil, Joanne Marcucci and Scott Ruddock for overcoming significant challenges in teaching research methods to undergraduate students by the creation of engaging and supportive student-centred learning strategies.
  • Stefanie Zugna, Helen McLachlan, Michelle Newton, Sharon Mumford, Helen Nightingale, Heather Grimes, Charlie Smithson, Rebecca Hyde, Pamela McCalman, Deborah Birrell, Maria Adamopoulos, Melissa Deacon-Crouch, Maureen Dillon and Fiona Faulks for developing a curriculum that engages and inspires midwifery students, creating career-ready midwives responsive to the demands of their chosen profession.
  • Haider Al Abadi and Bandita Mainali for inspiring active participation in learning through the implementation of Phased Assessments and Looped Feedback (PALF) model to attain excellent learning experience that supports student success.

Sessional Teaching Award winners:

  • Rudri Kalaria (SEMS – Department of Computer Science and Information Technology)
  • Rupert Kuveke (SEMS – Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

COVID Innovation and Impact Award winners:

  • Kaye Truscott, Linda Ward, Fung Lay, Jodie Young and Vy Hoang – Synchronous face-to-face and remote lab classes using iPads and Zoom.
  • Jacqueline Johnston and Gulzar Malik – Development of innovative and sustainable international virtual mobility programs in SNM.
  • Sandra Connor, Jacqueline Johnston, Elly Greenwood, Fergus Campbell, Kenneth Neven and Cindy Hoang– An innovative approach to adapting clinical skills assessments to virtual reality.
  • Sabrina Gupta, Fernanda Nava Buenfil and Peter Higgs – Delivering Health Education Curriculum online in the wake of COVID 19.
  • Linda Ward and Fung Lay – Building a connected online learning community during a pandemic.
  • Bojana Sarkic and Steve Zelko - Response to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic: Provision of an improved environment that engages students’ learning in accessible and inclusive ways.
  • Carolyn Bell - Greenscreen technology used to develop engaging videos for asynchronous lectures.
  • Nichole Orwin, Suren Reesaul, Shivanand Makhun, Gulzar Malik and Mike Halkhoree - Mauritian Post Registration Bachelor of Nursing students’ experiences with online learning: Didactic to Zoom.
  • Renee Mackenzie - Innovation in digital curriculum adaptation – using kinaesthetic learning principles to promote concept translation and student engagement.

Congratulations to all our award recipients.