Vale Judith Lumley

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our extraordinary founding director, Emeritus Professor Judith Lumley AM, on Thursday, 25 October 2018.

Judith LumleyProfessor Lumley was a ground-breaking and world-renowned researcher and teacher who spent her career working towards better health outcomes for pregnant women and their children.

She will also be remembered as a most generous person and a great mentor to many.

(Read more about her life on our website.)

Here are a few of the comments made on the announcement of her death:

"For those of you who knew her, little needs to be said about her outstanding legacy, or about her wisdom, or her warmth as a colleague and friend."

"Judith Lumley was an extraordinary, most unassuming, brilliant woman and so glad her legacy lives on through JLC."

"I would like to add my note of sincere condolence to all of those who worked with and were friends of Judith. She was an inspirational researcher and person. Judith created a Centre that combined intellectual rigor in addressing important health issues with an expectation of providing nurturing support to each other and to the next generation of researchers. She has left an indelible legacy that we have all benefitted from."

"Judith was an incredible mentor to so many of us. I feel so very privileged to have worked with her. She was such an encouraging, wise, patient woman and one of the most respected perinatal epidemiologists in the world. I am so glad that her legacy lives on through the wonderful work we continue to do in her name."

"To be so incredibly wise and yet humble and warm is so rare and something truly worthy of aspiring towards.  She also really valued diversity and respecting peoples choices in all its forms for everyone. We were so lucky to have known her."

"The enabling and supportive environment and the high standards that we strive for are just part of the wonderful legacy that Judith endowed us."

"I was fortunate enough to have Judith train me in Perinatal Epi and Biostatistics short course in 2004, and all this time later, I am lucky enough to be employed at the Judith Lumley Centre - a warm, vibrant and wonderful workplace. Judith’s values, kindness and rigorous approach underpin everything we do  - from our research to our relationships with each other. I know we will strive to continue all of this wonderful work in Judith’s name."

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