Open call: emerging curators program

The Emerging Curators Program is a selection-based initiative that invites submissions from curators in the early stages of their career or with limited experience. The curatorial staff will assist as mentors and project advisers, guiding the selected curators in all facets of exhibition preparation and delivery.

The LAI Emerging Curators Program is open to curators in the early stages of their career. How applicants define themselves and/or their career stage is up to them – some may prefer to be called exhibition maker, collective, producer or director. What constitutes ‘early career’ or even ‘career’ is open to the interpretation of the applicant. In order to apply, applicants need to submit the following:

  • An example of an exhibition or event they have worked on
  • An outline of what they would like to exhibit at LAI
  • Up to 5 url links to anything applicants deem relevant (and may include a personal website, examples of previous work or presentations of expected outcomes).

To find out more, read the open call [PDF 624KB] for more information on how to apply.


The successful applicant will receive a curator fee of $3000 and be allocated a budget for artist fees, courier costs, a commissioning writer’s fee and other necessary expenses. The curatorial team at LAI will supervise, advise and mentor the applicants through every facet of the process, providing valuable industry experience in exhibition development, design and delivery. The resulting exhibition will be presented in Gallery 1 at La Trobe Art Institute in Bendigo, and be open to the public from 18 September to 28 October, 2018.

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