NBA Superteams and Inclusive Growth: Doing Private Sector Development Differently

NBA Superteams and Inclusive Growth: Doing Private Sector Development Differently

On a guest post on Duncan Green’s blog, Kartik Akileswaran from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change looked at inclusive growth and doing Private Sector Development (PSD) differently.

Based on a paper on The Jobs Gap: Making inclusive growth work in Africa, Akileswaran and his co-authors argue:

* Private Sector Development should focus on the right problems: the key constraints that if relaxed, will have real benefits for the county and local actors.
* Politics must be considered
* It’s very important to create a team inside government that can drive action, coordinate across government and with the private sector, and foster learning and adaptation.

Based on this research, in your organisations you might like to think about:

* Can you identify if your work enabling businesses is targeted to the most significant problems, rather than just the problems that are easy to access?
* Can you combine political influence with technical assistance? How can you balance energy towards both?
* When developing relationships with advisors, colleagues and your networks, can you see how they can develop into an ‘insider team’ working across boundaries rather than a group of individuals?

Institute Director Chris Roche recommends this post because it recognises the political economy questions of inclusive economic growth including what ‘politically smart, market-sector based development’ looks like, and it recognises the role the state needs to play in industrial policy, as Mariana Mazzucato argues in The Entrepreneurial State.

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