Downtown Lecture with Hon. John Brumby

The La Trobe University Bendigo Chapter recently hosted “Seeing Round Corners - Bendigo, Australia and a World in Transition”, a Downtown Lecture with guest speaker the Hon. John Brumby.

The Bendigo Chapter of La Trobe University Alumni & Advancement were honoured to welcome former State Premier, the Hon. John Brumby to Bendigo to present a Downtown Lecture entitled “Seeing Round Corners - Bendigo, Australia and a World in Transition”.

In front of a captivated audience, Mr Brumby provided highly intuitive and well-researched insights into the major global trends and transitions that lie just around the corner and how they will impact us all. During his presentation, Mr Brumby highlighted four major transitional areas, including: the Geopolitical, the Epidemiological, the Technological and the Environmental.

He particularly focused on the impact on Australia of the Asian market resurgence and provided very sobering analysis about the continued growth of China in the years and decades to come and why Australia should take notice.

Throughout the lecture Mr Brumby reminisced about his political career and in particular his personal involvement with the Bendigo community, not only as a member of the Federal Parliament, but also when he kicked off his career as a high school teacher.

Thank you to everyone who came along. Photos from the evening can be found in our photo gallery.

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