Welcome visiting fellow Kenji Kajiwara

Professor Kenji Kajiwara from the Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI), Kyushu University in Japan, welcomed as a La Trobe Asia visiting fellow for 2016.

La Trobe Asia is pleased to welcome Professor Kenji Kajiwara as a guest to La Trobe University. Professor Kajiwara is visiting from the Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI), Kyushu University in Japan.

Professor Kajiwara is well known internationally for his work on integrable discrete dynamical systems, and is visiting to continue a strong collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at La Trobe University.

“Professor Kajiwara and I have been collaborating on the application of discrete integrable systems to boundary value problems,” says Professor Philip Broadbridge. "These have important practical applications when approximating the conservation laws in nature, in particular for water volume. Integrable discrete systems can model water flow through unsaturated soil, which is very important in fields such as agriculture and civil engineering. For example, a classic boundary value problem would be to predict the water distribution beneath the soil surface that has a prescribed irrigation schedule.”

During his visit Professor Kajiwara will present a series of lectures on his ongoing research in integrable systems to La Trobe University students, staff and collaborators, as well as a more general department colloquium with reference to trends in mathematics education in Japan.

Professor Kajiwara visit is one of four that have been funded through the La Trobe Asia Visiting Fellowship Grant Program, which will see Asia-based researchers come to La Trobe University to work on high quality research outputs, strengthen partnerships, and foster research engagement with Asia-based research institutions.

“Professor Kajiwara’s visit is part of the ongoing relationship that La Trobe University has with Kyushu University,” says Professor Nick Bisley, Executive Director of La Trobe Asia. “The collaboration between IMI and La Trobe University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a strong and respected collaboration, and we are pleased to welcome Professor Kajiwara as a La Trobe Asia Visiting Research Fellow.”

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