Dr Richard Cosgrove's mapping of Aboriginal rock art in the Kimberley featured on the ABC

La Trobe archaeologist Dr Richard Cosgrove returns from a gruelling three months of field work in the Kimberly WA with significant discoveries.

The Kimberley Visions Project

Dr Cosgrove's research forms part of the Kimberley Visions Project funded by the Australian Research Council and the not-for-profit Kimberley Foundation Australia.

Led by University of Western Australia archaeology Professor Peter Veth, the Kimberley Visions team, which includes local rangers from the Balanggarra community, spent three months in Balangarra country covering West Australia's north-eastern corner. By foot, helicopter and boat, the team explored the caves and cliffs of the region discovering several significant sites. Dr Cosgrove believes some of the rock art is unlikely to have been seen by non-Indigenous people.

Kimberley's rock art is poorly understood. It is estimated that only 1 or 2 per cent has been recorded. The Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation is a partner in the project and local rangers have been involved at every stage of the fieldwork. The community hopes that this five year project will help to preserve the rock art for future generations.

The first findings from the fieldwork will be published next year.

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