Crisp waterskiing his way to Japan

La Trobe Elite Athlete Patrick Crisp will compete at the World University Championships Waterskiing in Akita, Japan starting on Thursday the 8th of September.

The tournament will consist of three skiing events in slalom, trick and jump all of which Crisp is well versed in.

The Championships are the first world event the 19 year old will compete in, following a 5th overall finish in the Australian Nationals earlier in 2016.

Speaking to La Trobe Sport, Crisp said he is really excited for what should be a great experience.

“It will be great to see some of the world’s best in action,” said Crisp.  “I’m hoping to ski my best in all events and if I achieve that, I’ll be stoked.”

“Making a final is also an ambition so we’ll see what happens.”

Stemming from a family of skiiers, including a mum that represented England and Australia and a dad that represented Ireland at national level, Crisp was exposed to the water from a young age.

He transitioned that exposure into serious competition quickly, taking part in his first National Championships at just seven years old.

In his time outside of the water, Crisp spends a lot of time focusing on his Exercise Science degree at La Trobe’s Bendigo Campus.

He attributes the universities’ athlete friendly culture, including the Elite Athlete Program (LEAP), to his ability to manage the load between work and study.

“I struggle occasionally to balance studying full time and training as much as possible,” said Crisp.  “LEAP allowed me to postpone my exams to a later date so I was able to prepare for longer ahead of this event.”

Patrick will receive assistance to cover the costs associated with the World University Championships courtesy of the Elite Athlete Support Fund.

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