Alumni found China photo competition

La Trobe University alumni found international photo competition between Australia and China.

Two La Trobe University alumni have joined together to launch an international photography competition, pointing a camera at broadening Australia's relationship with Southwest China.

Edward van der Linden and Brodie Burns-Williamson are La Trobe University graduates living and working in Chengdu, China. They met after an introduction from their former lecturer Dr James Leibold.

"I've been in China for four years, and I work for Fotor/Everimaging, a photographic app and website development company," says van der Linden. "Brodie and I became friends, and he mentioned the idea of the photo competition."

'2016 Give It Your Best Shot: Australia - Southwest China Photographic Competition' is an initiative of the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu, where Brodie is currently employed, in partnership with Edward's employer, the Chinese IT start-up company Fotor/Everimaging.

Beginning in March, the photography competition will pair 18 cities in Australia and China, inviting participants in both regions to showcase their home overseas. An exhibition of photos will be held in each community displaying photos from their overseas sister-city. Winners will have the opportunity to travel to respective regions and experience a different culture firsthand.

  "We are hoping that the competition will build stronger relationships between Australia and China's Southwest," says van der Linden. "It's a great way to cultivate a sense of internationalism between two distinct regions."

  "This sort of collaboration is an excellent example of how La Trobe's 'global citizenship' essential is far more than marketing rhetoric," says Dr James Leibold, senior lecturer in Politics at La Trobe University. "I like to think that a La Trobe degree prepares our students to not only travel the world but also live and work in communities that are culturally and politically distinct from our own."

The competition commences March 14, 2016.

Image: Jens Schott Knudsen  on Flickr.

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