Vale Dianne Francis

Dianne FrancisWe are sad to report the passing of Dianne Francis, a founding staff member of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Bendigo College of Advanced Education (BCAE) and lecturer at BCAE through its later incarnations, including its alignment with La Trobe University in 1991.

Dianne – known as Di – completed her nurse training at the Northern District School of Nursing (NDSN) in 1967. During her long and distinguished career, she worked in general nursing and community health.

In 1988, when nurse training was transferred to colleges, she joined the foundation staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences at BCAE. She continued to be a lecturer at BCAE and subsequent institutions at Bendigo, including La Trobe University.

On retirement in 2005, Di pursued her interest in the history of nurse education in Bendigo. Unfortunately, ill health prevented her from completing her project to write the NDSN story, but she inspired the NDSN Graduates Association to publish The First of its kind: Nurse education and training at the Northern District School of Nursing.

The book launch coincided with the 65th Anniversary of the founding of the School of Nursing in Bendigo on April this year. Despite poor health, Di attended the anniversary launch at Lansells in Bendigo and met with women she had trained and worked with during the past forty years.

Di is fondly remembered for her dedication to the nursing profession – especially community health – and her loyalty to family and friends.