The Inaugural Sue Beeton Scholarship

Sharonlee Post is the first recipient of the Sue Beeton Indigenous Scholarship in Teaching, endowed in 2014 to support Indigenous educators working in primary schools.

Post, a Mature Age student who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts this year, will use the $20,000 scholarship to complete a Masters of Teaching.  Her hard work, majoring in history and sociology, has paid off, and the scholarship enables her to pursue her dream of teaching.

Along the way, Sharonlee Post has discovered more about her family, her culture and herself. "I want to pass that on to other children," she said in a recent interview, "Ultimately bridging gaps and crossing cultures really is all about education."

The scholarship was established by Dr Sue Beeton, who worked for many years in regional Victoria in the Shepparton and Bendigo area as a Senior Lecturer in Tourism for La Trobe University. Dr Beeton's research during her 18 years with the University included public land management, nature-based tourism, rural tourism, community development, cycle tourism and film-induced tourism.

Her experiences and relationships with indigenous communities in regional Victoria made her realise the value of primary education, and she found that she wanted to give something back to those communities.

Dr Beeton was delighted with the selection of Sharonlee Post as the inaugural recipient of the scholarship. She hopes that through supporting students who are engaged with their community, there will be a flow on effect, and that successful recipients will learn and then teach others who will go on to teach others.