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Teachers' Forum: How to Help Chinese Students Cope within the Australian Education System

The Confucius Institute is co-hosting an exciting and informative forum on Monday 7th December 2015 with Camberwell Grammar School on how to help Chinese students cope within the Australian education system. Just recently, we established one of our first Confucius Classrooms at Camberwell Grammar School and this forum is part of our on-going collaboration.

As more people migrate from mainland China to Australia, more students are beginning to study in Australia. Naturally, this can create some confusing situations and challenges, which attract attention in our society. A valid question is: how do we approach these challenges to resolve them in a positive and beneficial way?

The Confucius Institute says, head on. It's imperative that cultural understanding is developed and people are supported throughout this process to enable solutions to be created to overcome such challenges that exist.

As part of the forum, a call was put out for the submission of papers on themes such as:

  • Common issues dealt with in our dealings with Chinese students,
  • How to best communicate with Chinese students and their parents,
  • Understanding the Chinese parents expectations and their influence on their children, and
  • How to help Chinese students engage within the school community.

The Confucius Institute hopes this forum in December will be an informative and culturally rich experience with many positive outcomes.

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