Radford Second Chance Scholarships

2015 Second Chance Scholarship RecipientsThe four 2015 recipients of the Second Chance Scholarships, established by alumna Deborah Radford, include Fouzia, a Psychology student, Jawad, who is studying Politics in his Bachelor of Arts degree, and Erica, studying Outreach and Community Education.

Second Chance Scholarships allow students between the ages of 20 and 30 to undertake studies that they either couldn't begin or couldn't complete due to financial or other difficulties. The initial scholarships benefit two students each year for the next three years, although further scholarships have been made possible this year by donations from alumnus Simon Herd and philanthropists Ronnie and Paul Wood. Each student receives $22,500 over three years, and the funding is open for studies in any discipline at any of La Trobe's campuses.

Deb Radford is a member of the La Trobe University Council and serves on the board of the La Trobe University Foundation. She understands that it can be difficult for some young people to start or complete their studies due to circumstances outside of their control. The scholarship, which is supported by other donors, aims to give a second chance at education for young people through La Trobe University, and to create opportunities for their futures.

If you would like to join Deb in supporting aspirational students with Second Chance Scholarships, you can donate online. Alternatively, please contact fundraising@latrobe.edu.au.