New approaches to pharmacology learning

A versatile blended learning initiative is being developed by Pharmacy and Applied Science staff for the training of future pharmacologists

Dr Michelle Gibson and Christine Kettle (Pharmacy and Applied Science) are developing a versatile blended learning initiative for use in second year programs across La Trobe University.

The project, funded by a University Blended Learning Exemplar Project Grant, will feature pharmacology resources suitable for use in science, health science, agriculture and animal science subjects. Discipline specific teaching modules will also be available: students in health sciences will explore how drugs act in ways that are clinically relevant to them, while pharmacy students may undergo a more chemistry oriented approach to drug interactions and actions.

Students will benefit from a range of online learning materials including video clips, computer simulations and downloadable exercise sheets. There will be some laboratory classes available to science students so they learn the basics of doing pharmacology experiments as an adjunct to the suite of scientific skills they will obtain in the rest of the program.

"Pharmacology is an important discipline in any science program particularly in today's world where drugs, natural remedies and environmental pollutants abound," says Michelle Gibson. "We are currently working with learning design advisors to produce online activities, scenarios and case studies."

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