Looking for past exam papers?

Discover how to find past exam papers in 3 easy steps.

  1. On the Library's website, enter the subject code, subject name or keyword into the search box
  2. Select ' Past exam papers' in the first drop down box
  3. Select 'GO'

See the Library's Find Exam Papers webpage for full details.

Library search option for past exam papers 

Links to past exam papers can also be found in the LMS. Look for the link in the Library Resources block.

LMS Link for past exam papers 

Why can't I find the past exam paper I need?

The Library's collection of online exam papers contains only those exam papers La Trobe University's schools and departments have given permission to be digitized and made available through the Library's Search tool.

The latest past exam papers available Semester 2 2013 (selective subjects only).

Also check your subject's LMS site as your lecturer may have posted sample exam questions.

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