La Trobe hosts New Zealand students

La Trobe's Engineering department recently hosted high school students from New Zealand, contributing to their Trans-Tasman learning adventure.

On 13 February 2015 high school students from James Hargest College, New Zealand visited Melbourne for a physics trip. We were lucky to have the students visit the Engineering department at our Bundoora Campus to observe the effects and importance of transformers in power transmission.

La Trobe University Lecturer Andrew Martchenko and second year Electronic Engineering student Matthew Downes ran the session. The day's activities involved experiments and university labs related to power transmission as well as photonics. Two of the activities focussed on comparing efficiencies of transmission lines and how information is transmitted via a laser beam. The final year students enjoyed the day–they were curious, eager to learn and apply the topics we investigated in real life.

The day's activities also included a tour of the Engineering department. Andrew discussed the concepts behind some of the final year students' projects and what completing of these projects involved.

One example that piqued everyone's curiosity was Andrew's fourth year project–a Rubik's Cube solving machine. This project helped the students see engineering applied on a practical basis and also understand the technology and theory involved. Overall, the students left inspired and excited for their final year of study ahead.

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