Judith Lumley Centre News #42

Newsletter #42 - July 2015

  • Results from a new method of identifying mothers at risk of family violence show significant gains in safety planning for vulnerable women: the study outcomes of the MOVE project (Improving Maternal and Child Health Care for Vulnerable Mothers) were published recently in the journal BMC Medicine.
  • Ingrid Wilson reports from the launch of the National framework for action to prevent alcohol-related family violence at Parliament House in Canberra, which she attended together with Angela Taft, and also about her appearance as an expert witness before the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.
  • Rhonda Small describes her work in Sweden following her appointment as a Foreign Adjunct Professor in the Department of Women's and Children's and Reproductive Health at the Karolinska Institute.
  • Sue McDonald made a trip to Timor Leste together with Angela Taft to discuss the development of an education program for health professionals to support women and families who experience violence.

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