Economic aspects of breastfeeding

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International Breastfeeding Journal is pleased to announce the publication of an article collection on the 'Economic aspects of breastfeeding'. Although improving breastfeeding is recognised as a public health and nutrition priority in many countries, the economic aspects are poorly recognised, so we have published the collection to address this gap.

We are also delighted to announce the inauguration of the Marcia de Groot Award for Breastfeeding Research established by Editor-in-Chief, Dr Lisa Amir, in memory of her aunt Marcia de Groot, who passed away suddenly in 2013. This will be the first Marcia de Groot Award, and will be awarded annually to the top article published in the International Breastfeeding Journal.

The winner of the award in 2015 is Ms Libby Salmon for her interesting debate article on 'Food security for infants and young children: an opportunity for breastfeeding policy?'. She will receive a waiver towards a future publication plus recognition on the International Breastfeeding Journal website - congratulations Libby!

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