Ace your interview with Big Interview

Practice makes perfect. It's a cliché, but it's true. To make sure you put your best forward in a job interview, you must practice. To help you do this, the La Trobe Career Development Centre is pleased to offer students a free account with Big Interview, an online job interview e-learning and interview practice website.

Simply sign up using your La Trobe email address and you'll have access to:

"Interview Essentials" elearning course


This course will cover the theory behind all kinds of interviews and provide you with practical tips on how to stand out.

Practice interviews


Dozens of interview types, hundreds of questions. You can select by level (entry-level to executive), industry, or by specific competencies. You can also play "interview roulette" to test how well you can think on your feet.

Use your webcam to record your answers and review them yourself or share them with a friend, mentor, or La Trobe career consultant for some feedback.

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