Zero Distance to Chinese Culture

Pwoar, what a day! The Multi-Cultural Day held last Wednesday was a roaring success!

Both students and teachers at La Trobe University were lucky enough to experience a world cultural festival with the likes of live performances by Indian dancers, a Scottish pipe band, and a wide variety of delicious food! Some people even tried their hand at calligraphy with us, the Confucius Institute!

As a part of the event, the Confucius Institute exhibited distinctive Chinese cultural and gained a warm welcome by the university community. We had calligraphy demonstrations, Chinese board games, Chinese pictographic characters exhibition and Kung Fu Panda snapshot!

We were fortunate enough that many people displayed great interest in our language programs, scholarships and cultural workshops.

The Confucius Institute and the Centre for China Studies continues to drive Chinese culture forward and expand our reach within our community, and as a result on this day we had several people join our language courses that have just begun in August, as well as volunteers in our future cultural activities! Woohoo!

Multi-Cultural DayMulti-Cultural Day

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