Year 9 students zap into Engineering

40 middle years students from the Wodonga Middle Years College engaged in a Laser tag event for LEAP Into Engineering at Latrobe University Wodonga on Friday August 29th.

Held at the university once again the students were totally absorbed in Laser Tag which required some identification of the Engineering fields involved, followed by assembly of the infra-red units that make up the activity. This was closely followed by a lot of zapping and some very satisfied faces on the students as they built the units and happily attacked their friends.Laser tag 2

Over the 2 hours of each event the levels of engagement of the students was fantastic as always the comments and level of activity of the students throughout made it clear that the event had had a significant impact on many of them, who are now a lot clearer on the benefits of working hard at their English and Maths studies.

The diversity of Engineering careers was well explained to the students and the demonstrators, who were volunteers from the Latrobe University Engineering department once again explained their pathways into Engineering.Laser tag 3

Thanks again to the Latrobe LEAP into Engineering team, who consistently do a magnificent job in engaging students interests and working with the school's teaching staff who attend. The comments and compliments that were directed to the team were all positive and the student's aspirations towards higher education pathways were raised as a result of this great event.

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