University Implementation of ALLOCATE +

Allocate+ is the class allocation system La Trobe University will be using from Semester 2, 2014.  Allocate+ is a preferential system allowing students to select a number of preferred times for timetabled activities.  Allocate+ then sorts all students to create the best possible personal timetable.   Student selection in Lectures, Tutorials, Labs and Workshops will be mirrored in the Group Activity in the LMS.  You will be able to see all of the classes which have been created in Allocate+ and the number of students who have selected each class.  It is expected that the Group display will look something like this:

    z-Allocate-L1_01_Tue_13:00_BU (300)
    z-Allocate-L2_01_Tue_13:00_BU (201)
    z-Allocate-T1_02_Tue_12:00_BU (21)

Selecting a group will display the corresponding names of the students.  More detail on Allocate+ Groups in the LMS will be provided when testing and configuration is finalised.  More information on Allocate+ can be found at 

You will still be able to create Groups for non-timetabled activities.

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